A year ago I wrote a complaint about Mediacom's digitial cable product. I am now on my third HD DVR box.

I thought it was the product that stunk, but Mediacom's Customer Service has proved to be just as bad. During the last year, Mediacom has never replied to any of my complaints. For 6 out of 12 months, our DVR didn't work properly. Recently, we received a rate increase notice where our bundled services went from $104 to $188!

Talk about adding insult to injury!

The final straw was our local Mediacom office. Not only can you not call them directly, they have proven to be consistently incompetent and rude.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Hello, thank you for bringing this to my attention and I do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. This isn't the quality of service that we want to provide to our customers and I would be more than happy to assist you with this issue!

Can you send us an email with your account information, letting us know that you reached out to us here, and a description of your issue so we can all have it in the same spot.

Once we have that email from you, we can begin trouble shooting the issue and narrowing down the problem. Our email address is socialmediateam@mediacomcc.com .

Duluth, Minnesota, United States #1045645

Your correct,Mediacon sucks


I find Mediacom to be "the" best internet provider in the business ! They have served me well living at 3 different locations.


I'm glad I decided to do a complaint search on Mediacom prior to selecting them as a source for my cable service. Definitely will not select this company....not today anyway!!


Cable goes in and out, on demand works when it wants to, and internet is slow or intermittent. They say there sending a technician out and they never show.


I have been with this company for three years and have yet to be treated like a "valued customer". After the first year they double your bill.

It's ridiculous. Last month I decided to have my cable disconnected because I was tired of paying 160.00 a month for cable/internet/phone services. The first thing they did was charge me a disconnection fee and raise the rates on my other services because I no longer have the "bundle". Tuesday I spent my entire lunch hour at Mediacom waiting to pay my bill.

I specifically asked what is my total and was quoted 73.01, so that is exactly what I paid. Yesterday I got a bill in the mail for 227.69!!! When I called customer service they could not explain what the charges were for and would only say:"that's what the computer says." I told them that this is not possible and that I have receipts for every month. They hung up on me twice.

I do not know how they stay in business with their shady practices and shoddy customer service.

I think a class action lawsuit is a great idea too! I would definitely join, and FYI:Netflix rocks for 9.99 a month!!!!!


My rates just went from $116.00 to $231.00 for the same exact service! I have called numerous customer service reps and can't get anyone to really help me.

I am at a loss as to what to do now.

I am ready to cancel Mediacom and do without! It is highway robbery and the idea that people mean more than money is a crock!


I am a mediacom customer in Brookings SD. For the past week, everytime I turn on my television or get on my internet, it will ping out or have connection issues. Sometimes the tv and internet will go down for hours. I understand that running a cable company is complicated and such, but this service is beyond ridiculous.

One employee that came to "fix" our internet told me and my roommate that its not a faulty cable box, but rather, Mediacom has not improved their carrying capacity even though each year they gain a vast amount of additional customers.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY IF YOU CAN. after reading other reviews I am even more convinced.


Let me tell everyone how bad their customer service is. I have been trying to add phone service to the internet I already have with them.

They use an outside sales force to sign people up.

After waiting 6 weeks and 2 calls to mediacom and 2 calls to outside sales force Communication solutionsm, no call back from anyone. Maybe I am lucky but their bad service is actually hurting them.


STAY AWAY FROM MEDIACOM IF AT ALL POSSIBLE!!! The only reason we tolerate with this poor excuse of a "company" is because they have a monopoly in our area and there is no other way to get decent internet...



Machipongo, Virginia, United States #200691

My name is Chris Lord and I work with the Social Media team for Mediacom . I apologize for the poor service from Mediacom and would love to help improve your service and your experience with Mediacom. If you would like to email me the problems at socialmediateam@mediacomcc.com, or through here I will do all I can to fix any issues you are having. If you would prefer a phone call, you can send me your TN through here or the following email and I will call you at your convenience.



Mediacom Social Media Team


Yet another upset customer with Mediacom. I had schedule an appointment took two weeks because they are so busy and backed up with jobs.

Well today was the appointment 8:00AM to 12:00 I get a call from the technician at 9:40 I am on the line with a customer so the call goes to voice mail I return the call exactly 3 minutes later. the technician tells me he wont be in my area until later in the afternoon.

I didn't question him even though my appointment was 8-12 I cut him some slack and didn't complain. Well 5:00 roll around and still no tech so I call his cell no answer so I call Mediacom sit on hold 25 minutes get the India call center spend another 20 minutes with *** on phone telling me my appointment was rescheduled because I wasn't home when driver called I explained call went to voice mail I was on the other line and I called driver back minutes later. The driver marked down he tried calling me from 9:40 to 10:40 with no answer. I ask for supervisor wait another 20 minutes for supervisor I have to explain the whole story again and she tells me the same thing driver called for an hour so they rescheduled. I have the phone log sitting right in front of me incoming call from

563 559 0002 at 9:40 their technician cell number then my outgoing call at 9:43 to 563 559 0002 the technicians cell phone conversation lasting 2 minutes. he never told me you missed my call I have to reschedule he just said I will be in your area later then expected not only is this driver a slacker that works little as possible he also has no backbone lying little weasel must of used my scheduled repair time to play with himself.

Feel free to call his number tell him what a rotten job Mediacom is doing I know I will be calling him every night at 3am for the next month or so.


I see that I am not the only one. I took off work early on July 31st for the technician to show up at 6:00 p.m.

then tell me there was nothing wrong with the DVR and that it didn't work because the T.V. was sitting on top and it couldn't get enough air. 11 days later, it would not turn on, even after getting enough air. I complained and was told a service tech would be out later.

Of course no one showed and when I called back, i was told that I would have to *** early again two days from now.

I said I had already tried that route and it wasn't fixed. We'll see if they come out on Saturday as promised.


written by: April, I whole heartedly agree.There service is worse then any other company I've ever dealt with! Not only are they slow, they are very rude.

they talk to me like I was so *** I didn't even have a brain, just because I was a woman. I'd Like to tell them where they can Go!

But I'm to much of a lady! :{


Mediacom has no customer service. They are a worthless company that has little competence. The only competence they show is how to saturate the cable market and screw customers out of money.


I am so completely disgusted with mediacom's so called "customer service" they are completely horrible, my cable went out last wednesday (a full week ago). they were supposed to come out on sunday btwn 1 and 5pm, i asked them to call me on my cell as it is the best number to reach me for anything and i always answer.

by 530 i am wondering why they are not here. i called them and they apparently cant read or follow instructions because they called the wrong phone number. they proceeded to tell me the guy was running late...well no kidding, isnt it normally in good taste to call before being late? especially considering they give a 4 hour gap of when they will arrive...

anyways, i rescheduled the apt with the customer service rep. for today, a full week after my cable went out. again i asked them to call my cell phone, verified the number witht he guy and thought i was set for today btwn 2 and 5pm... 530 once again rolls around and NOTHING!!!!

i call them AGAIN and they said that there was never an apt reset... the guy i spoke with never entered my repair order...

i guess typing some information on a computer must be too difficult for them...so now its memorial weekend and they can come out either saturday or tuesday...considering like most of the community i am going out of town for the long weekend saturday clearly doesnt work...so i am now rescheduled to sit around on tuesday (2 weeks after it went out) to HOPE they show up this time... of course it is all my fault as well that they called the wrong number and they didnt enter my freaking work order...at this point i am going to just cancel my service and live without cable until i move to an area were i can have a different cable provider (they are my only option unfortunately) i have never hated a company so much and wonder where they get this idea that they "provide great customer service" they are clearly delusional!!!!


I just wanted to let you people know how sorry and disappointing I think you are, especially your so called "customer service"! I originally called 2/9/10 and requested service and was given an appt.

for 2/12/10 between 9 & 12. I told them to call my cell phone before arriving due to other things I had to take care of that morning and I would meet him there. Please keep in mind I work 40 hrs. a week and took off work for this!

11:30 rolls around and still no cable guy. When I call to make sure he is still coming, the lady tells me that he has already been and the number she calls out as my phone number is 229-607-4523 when in fact it is 229-237-4523. WOW!! That is completely my fault you people can't properly note phone numbers right?

So agitated but patient at this point I ask when he can come back out and she tells me he can that same afternoon. Well guess what?? My phone number was right this go around and the man still doesn't show. I called you people back for you only to tell me that I now have to be rescheduled until that next Wed.

(almost a week!) b/c the man couldn't come out. Well thanks for calling me and letting me know that & fixing the mistake you people made. So extremely mad at this point once again I decide to be PATIENT! I am not taking another day off of work for this so my mother agreed to meet the cable guy for me yesterday, which was my appt.

THEY WERE TO CALL HER! Well my boyfriend gets off of work and guess what he finds on the door? Another SORRY WE MISSED you note from Mediacom. With my blood boiling at this point, I called my mother and you people never called her.

So I called you and some lady told me "yeah we called and left a message, we are going to have to reschedule you". OMG AGAIN!! REALLY??? I even got them to verify my mother's phone number and it was correct.

So at this point I am dumbfounded at why she has no missed calls or voice mails from Mediacom. When I got off of work yesterday I checked my cell phone and guess who had 2 missed calls and a voicemail from Mediacom? That's right, ME! So in case you aren't following here....

you people never attempted to call my mother but instead called me on my cell phone while I'm at work expecting me to answer when I left instructions to contact my mother. Way to go MEDIACOM! So I canceled my order and contacted Dish. Dish is hooking me up the very next day, which is today.

Aren't they great? So I would like to thank you Mediacom for screwing my cable up for the past week. I was really amazed that I never got an apology from you people, just a "well, we are going to have to reschedule you". Please, once again, keep in mind...

your people screwed my phone number up the first time, and never attempted to contact the right person the second time.

So instead of trying to make things right, you tossed me around like I am the one just not showing up. Thank you Dish!


I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE DEALT WITH SUCH A COMPANY THAT PISSED ME OFF AND WRONGED ME SOOOO BAD. After scheduling an install for the bundle package at our new home which couldnt be done till 8 days after we moved in, they show up at the wrong address that day.

To shorten the story...we spent 6 HOURS on the phone getting hung up by atleast 4 different service reps. They would tell us to hold why they call a tech to see if they can come back out and 4 times we hung up after 30 min. Mind you we where using our pre-pay cell phone we spent money we didnt have on to have communication while we waited on mediacom. Well do you think they hurried out to take care of us, considering I did pay the $130 install fee when I set up the order....NO.

We had to wait 7 days for them to come back. On top of it all I have to pay extra for voicemail, I never heard of such a thing. That is always included in any basic phone service package.

It sucks worse that they are our only option for phone and internet in my community...so what do we do. I HAVE NEVER DEALT WITH A WORSE COMPANY, EVER.


Power outage

all dvr shows were erase

You should provided A backup hardisk to provent this from happening.

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