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Mediacom's billing is OUT OF CONTROL! I contacted members on chat and via messageboard and was told that their system makes unauthorized irreversible charges, and that they do not have control over their billing system and they cannot remove charges!

Stay away from mediacom. Message board thread can be seen here:

In which you clearly see they admit that they changed my contract without explaining hidden rate increases, and that they refuse to correct it, and when I do the same thing back to them, they inform me they are UNABLE to remove charges!

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They also don't deliver reasonable uptime or speeds as advertised. I had a tech tell me that they wait for a minimum of 20-30 complaints in a neighborhood before sending maintenance to work on the lines because anything less they can afford to lose.


They sell fraudulently over the phone. Refuse to give you written contract.

Guy sold me a triple bundle and promised a sports/info package, a couple of premium movie channels, upgraded Internet, including the equipment and modem, for $150. Ridiculous $99 installation fee split over 1st 3 mo. So I write the guy a check for $186 yesterday and get NO premiums, NO sports/info package. They're charging twice as much as they told me for the Internet upgrade; the rest is equip charges and taxes the sales rep told me were included.

You can't get anywhere with the complaint; their low-level phone bank operators just stare at a computer screen that tells them what plan they've actually given you. Allegedly; there's a recording of the original sales pitch, but they're not going to look it up.


I was quoted a price for bundled service including internet and premium cable service, and was told there would be no increase for 3 years. I am being billed $30 a month more than quoted and have just been told I am being charged $20 more a month for my 2nd year and another increase of $20 a month for my 3rd year. I spoke to a customer service agent and he agreed I was lied to and that they would do nothing about it.

to Michael #1371694

Same happened to my family. They are a monopoly plain and simple.

They own the rights in my town so there is no other option. Crooks.

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