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Mediacom is the only TV provider I can have at my Florida condominium unit. For 10 years I have enjoyed watching The Daily Show on Comedy Central, which is part of the local lineup, on air at 10pm Central time.

This week it simply was replaced with Tosh. There is no explanation, no information, no way to check up on why this is happening. In my view, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert (Colbert Report is also gone) are as important as the networks, CNN, and certainly vastly superior to the many Fox stations represented. So I got the HD Converter box service, where I found that Comedy Central is not even part of the lineup.

I did discover the CSPAN 2 that I've been missing for years is available with the premium service. Why is this information so hard to get?

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Unfortunately we have no control over what programming is and is not shown on our channels, that is controlled entirely by the network.

If there are any channels that you would like to see added to the lineup, please send me an email at with your phone number or account number and the channels you would like added and I would be happy to put in a request to our marketing department on your behalf.


Mediacom Social Media Team

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