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The *** started Almost two months ago. All of the sudden my internet service thru Mediacom started to become slow and unstable.

It bounced around like a yoyo. After reading the numerous other complaints I decided to keep a record of the speeds thru speedtest.net. I am paying for 20 Mbits down (another joke the Mbit game) and 2 Mbits up (Would you like to bundle that). What I got was altogether different.

I would run the test every half hour while I was on the Internet. I would go from .5 down to 13-15 down on average. After compiling the numbers I noticed the slow Internet was usually around the time the kids got home from school to about bed time. Between the hours of 7am to 330pm the internet is and was fine.

Every time I called the 855-633-4226 number I was usually connected to an operator (NOT A TECHNICIAN) that had no clue what was going on. When hard pressed with a straight forward question or one they couldn't answer they always offered to send out a technician. On one RARE occasion I finally reached an operator who told me the node I am on WAS oversold and they were planning on splitting the node on 11/21/2012. Finally an honest person who didn't lie.

How refreshing is that? Short lived of course. During subsequent complaint calls where I spoke with a supervisor they were back to the "It looks fine from our end" rhetoric. I was also told by a supervisor that they would have the area Tech.

supervisor call me so that he may understand my problem better. No response as of yet. During my calls I would often sit on hold for long periods of time and on several occasions I was hung up on. After several complaints and of course the technicians wasting their time coming to my residence, I finally filled an FCC.gov complaint accusing Mediacom of over subscribing my area.

I have not received an official response back as of this complaint. However, apparently Mediacom has admitted to the problem due to the fact my IP pings out of Florida, Illinois, or Indiana. It really depends on the day to where my IP originates from. I've had Xfinity before; the speeds were much higher for the same price and not even a whisper of poor service.

Mediacom, you have a monopoly for broadband in my area and you apparently know that. You over sold my area why don't you admit it and fix the problem. Stop lying to me I am not ***. Stop hanging up on me when I call to complain about your service.

Your customer Service (Operators) are poorly trained (Save one).

However, your field Technicians are great and do get it and care. Bottom line WOW where do I start!!!

Monetary Loss: $39.

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After being a good customer for over 5 years Mediacom raised my rate for cable and internet over $42 in one month. No notice in the bill or anything to speak of.

So I called and they offered me a lower rate to try for 60 days.

I went to cancel and they want to charge me $240 to cancel, although I was never informed that it was a contract I had agreed to.

My suggestion is to try DirectTV and go netflix and local antenna... just way too overpriced.


Tim (Mediacom)

I truly appreciate the offer to contact you. However, I believe my problem, or your company’s problem for that matter is an internal one.

Your company lacks basic customer service abilities, to be honest with your customers, to follow through with diagnosing a problem effectively. I will explain. As stated in my original complaint I have had many problems with Mediacom. Getting nowhere (And being treated like I was an ***) I filed an FCC complaint.

Soon after the complaint was filed I noticed that my router started routing out of different states. Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and Indiana (I live in MN) (This was due to Mediacom taking me off the over utilized node and placing me on another one). I made several more complaints and an offer was soon extended to me to have a Supervising Technician come and look at my problem (Keep in mind that I have already had 2 Certified CCIE R&S and CCIE Voice professionals advise me what was occurring). On November 24, 2012 the Technician came to my home.

He installed a newer modem (A DOCSIS 3 – Much newer technology). After installing the new modem he looked over everything. He showed me that his laptop was routing properly. Note: when hooked up to the new modem (His laptops MAC address was not assigned my IP therefore it would have free Routing).

He hooked my system back up and it was still Routing out of state. He then commented "That’s Odd" (I already knew the answer to this. They moved me off of the overcrowded/oversold node. My Mac address was assigned my IP).

The Technician messed around in my router for a good 20 minutes and said he couldn’t figure out why I was routing to a different state (Mind you he looked at ALL my router settings no VPN or PROXY was present). On December 11, 2012 I was CC'ed on Mediacom’s Response to my original FCC complaint. According to the letter Mediacom’s conclusion to my complaint was “...My router was routing Internet traffic through Georgia setup by a third party in order for me to play video games on a remote server. In summation, as noted above, in order to route traffic to a remote server I would need either a VPN or a Proxy setup.

Your Technician CHECKED those settings in my router and noted neither was present. .” Apparently, in my opinion, James McKnight Senior Staff Attorney with Mediacom doesn’t get it either. In my opinion the letter was crafted to either hide Mediacom’s fault in this matter or to hide blatant overselling of their Internet services.

Either way the letters conclusion is a fabrication. I will continue to fight this matter with the FCC until a proper conclusion has been reached.



I completely understand your frustration with the level of service you have been provided, as well and the experience you have experienced from the representatives over the phone.

I will be happy to look into the issues you have been having. Can you send an email to SocialMediaTeam@mediacomcc.com with your account or phone number?


Mediacom Social Media Team

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