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I have had nothing but problems with Mediacom Internet and Phone service since my first year has ended and my rates have gone up. At least once a month I lose my internet service and phone service.

At the time of this writing I have been without phone service for 6 hours. I went to a local gas station to use a pay phone to call customer service and all I got was a busy signal. After standing in the rain and trying the phone call 3 times I finally gave up. I did receive email stating they would forward the problem to the right person as soon as they received my account information since my name and phone number apparently wasn't good enough.

Not sure what I will do if that fails.

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Dog lover

Just got mediacom VIP pak. Didn't know I would have to wait for service more off than on.

Verizon sent a deal $119.00 a month locked in for 2 years. BAD OR GOOD????

Anyone have advice? :? :? :?

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