Over the years I've used Comcast, TCI, Cox, and Cablevision. But since I moved to Iowa, I've been stuck with Mediacom and they have the worst cable service and customer service, I've ever experienced.

Over the last two years I've had a technician out to the house five separate times. I'm on my third HD DVR box, however, they are supposed to be back out today and I'm guessing I'll be getting a fourth one.

Mediacom's Customer Service is just unbelievable. I called on Saturday and was told to unplug my cable box until Monday afternoon when a service technician would come to fix it. Of course, they never showed up. When I called customer service where they were, I was told that "I was mistaken" the appointment was for next Monday. That's not what I was told, the service tech lied to me outright. When I asked to speak to a Supervisor, the tech told me to hangup and call again. When I refused to hangup, they put me on "hold", the interesting thing is that there was no elevator music being played. When I realized it and commented to my wife, the music just turned on (within two seconds of my verbal comment). Clearly they were listening to my conversation with my wife.

The next day when I finally received a call from the local service folks. I was told that they didn't know anything about my problem, the only information they recieved from Mediacom's Customer Service Center was that I had requested that my appointment for seven days away be moved up. Either I was lied to again, or Mediacom's Service Center does not talk with it's local service departments. Either way their Customer Service is horrible.

What upsets me the most is that you can never speak with someone who knows anything about real customer service. If anyone from Mediacom read

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My 76 year old mother has a medical alert device and has gone without phone service for a number of weeks, sometimes on sometimes off. When the tech finally showed up today he told her that the phone does not work because she has that medically necessary device and then proceeded to yell at her so loud the neighbor heard him.

She is in complete hysterics now. They are.rude and unprofessional.

No one should use this service. They are a lawsuit waiting to happen.


I complained for weeks that my internet worked only about half the time. The *** on the other end of the phone line told me I probably didn't hook it up right.

I knew I had. They sent someone out to the house to check the hook up to the house (three times) and told me each time it would fix the problem. It didn't. I kept telling them the problem coincided with bad weather.

It wasn't until I just happened to talk person to person with the repair man and convinced him to check the hook up with the pole that it actually got fixed!!! Now, with the "new and improved" email system, I have called and griped eight times about problems. I get the same rehearsed response from some *** (a different *** each time) saying it would be all better in 48 hours. That was a week ago.

I have lost addresses from my address book, been unable to log on to email, cannot open attachments, and now my forwarded email and attachments are being "returned to sender" as spam!!! When I threaten to change internet providers, they tell me what a hassle it would be to be without service until the new one is set up and how difficult it would be to provide everybody with a new email address. Is anybody out there listening? Not at Mediacom, evidently.

What can we do about this travesty?

And all, I might add, at a ridiculously high price. Would contacting the Better Business Bureau do any good?


Writing on behalf of my father who agrees Mediacom Cable is so exponentially terrible he dropped them at went with Dish Network. Why, after 29 years, did my dad drop Mediacom Cable?

They were charging him $70/mo. for basic analog cable!! Not digital, mind you, but basic analog service. The customer service rep.

assured him that was the going rate of cable and could not lower the price.

We live in Columbia City and they have signed an exclusivity contract with Mediacom to provide television service to this po-dunk little town. Stay away from Columbia City, IN and Mediacom Cable.

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