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I called today to set up a payment arrangement with them for 182.00 my service was due for interruption on the 16th, the operator I spoke with informed me I was ineligible because I had made a payment arrangement in July and per company policy you can only make 1 every six months.I explained my understanding of company policy also says you have to be a customer for 1 year, I know this because I had called in July to inquire about making one and this was what I was told then. The operator then got her supervisor and after being on hold what felt like hours I was told they would extend me till December 23rd.

I had told the operator prior I would like it taken to the 30th. They refused to do this. Our family is a 1 income household with 4 children we pay our bills and never expect handouts, what we do expect is to be treated like the valuable customers Mediacom claims us to be. Now why all of this with my bill is going on keep in mind my internet service had not been working for over an hour because of some kind of outage and when I was transferred to that department they could not offer any repair time.

This is not unusual from Mediacom we deal will outages regular in my area our cable is forever going in and out. All I was asking for was 7 more days so that my husband and I could finish our Christmas shopping and such.

I have made payment arrangements with At&t and many other companies who have been more than willing to work with me. Mediacom is just a horrible company in my opinion.

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I am sorry for the problems you have had with your Mediacom bill and the customer service reps. If you would like to contact me at I'll be happy to see what can be done about your current situation and maybe bring the bill down to a more manageable price. Please do not hesitate to contact me.



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