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I have made the awful mistake to switch from Direct Tv to Mediacom for just a for what was according to them " couple days over the trial period. I have never been so upset with any company for any reason.

Talking to their so called " customer service" will make you want to pull your own hair out, that is if you can still find enough strength after being on hold forever and pushing multiple digits just to get to somebody. My personal best- 48 minutes of " we'll be with you momentarily". I am self employed, dependable, pay my bills on time and monitor my credit report. Having said that, let's begin the horrible tale and track back how this nightmare began.

We were lured by Mediacom with their "great prices" and yes, Direct Tv did get a bit pricey and we fell for the cheap gimmicks. Huge, huge mistake!! I switched back almost immediately. I am a commercial contractor, have nothing to gain by glorifying any cable or dish provider, simply telling my story and my regret- because I'm sooo pissed.

After Mediacom lured us with their "cheaper prices", they arranged for the technician to come out and set up. The poor guy was equipped with all faulty equipment, none of them worked after he hooked them up and he had to get new equipment. Once he installed that ( on a Saturday), he left and not 30 minutes later everything shut down. I called and called and waited and waited and finally I get a response: "You will have to wait til we can send someone else, maybe tonight, tomorrow or Monday".

Someone came back that same afternoon, another 2 hours later, service back on. Watched tv early Sunday morning- I'll be darned- service interruption again, including internet down. Called back had to wait to 11 am when they figured to tell me" oh, it's not just you it's the whole neighborhood this time. Almost 4pm that afternoon, "service" restored.

Over the next 3 days 11 more phone calls regarding "service" interruption ( all recorded). During one of those phone calls I inquired why my internet was slow as snails and I was told that they thought I called in and downgraded it from a 12 to a 3, ironically they didn't adjust the pay with it thou, hhmm.... I payed my bill ahead of time prior to installation, to include everything for the whole month. I received a PAST DUE bill after 2 weeks in the amount of $359 ( my already payed bill was 89.95) yeah right.

When I called in humor and asked what's up they told me someone must have made a mistake. I was on the phone for about an hour before I was told that: A) I will have to pay for the additional channels at 5 bucks each because they were after all I was told not included. HHmm- another mistake? However, they stated the rest of the bill will be adjusted and someone will call me the next day to confirm.

At this point luckily Direct TV contacted me and asked me to come back. Yay!! We arranged for a date prior to the end of probation period. Nightmare far from over!!!

I did not get a confirmation call, I did however get another notice that my $359 dollar bill was now way past due, again. At this point I was starting to get slightly ticked, called back, had to explain everything all over again and was told it will be fixed. At that time I also cancelled my service for the day after DirectTV and asked what I should do with the equipment. I was told to take it to the local office, turn it in and there won't be any fees and everything will be balanced out.

I did that and did it earlier then I was asked to. However, when I got to the office their entire system was down, equipment could not be checked in electronically and they gave us a hand written receipt for each piece. Several days and nightmare far from over a received a letter stating that I had not yet turned in my equipment and if I didn't do so soon I would be financially liable for all of it. Of course, the usual routine, I called and this time a little less patient.

I told my story again, explained that I had a receipt, was put on hold, back and forth and almost an hour later- wow, they located the equipment, which after the system came back up was never entered into the computer. Days go by and I thought I could finally breathe, when I received 2 letters from Mediacom. One- to inform me that there will be a disconnection fee because their date and my date of disconnect "did no match" and I owe- you guessed it$359. The second letter, and this is actually the funny part stated: " Thank you for being a valued customer, your current bill for this month is......

Are you freaking kidding me Mediacom people???? I called, again..... spoke with the supervisor who informed me that I must be mistaken......and stated that she will NOW disconnect the service which had not been done in their system. I continued to be billed, without equipment mind you and already back on satellite for the longest.

Unbelievable!!!! I asked her sarcastically if I should pay the active status or inactive status bill. She stated she will call me back. When she called me back ( I kept this on voicemail) she left the message stating " sorry I missed you and I will call you back in a few hours to discuss what I was able to do with your account".

One week later I received a letter from the CCS, and that stands for: Credit Collection Services, to be paid immediately or have it on my record in the amount of 109.28. $21.86 of that is for equipment they couldn't find "after all" and the rest for "service" and disconnection. I honestly did not know whether to laugh or cry I was so *** speechless. I paid the CCS to keep from having it on my credit report and am now working on dealing with Mediacom yet one more time?

When I paid the bill on the computer CCS charged me a $9.99 "convenience" fee, at that point I really did fall out laughing. When I attempted to call Mediacom to ask for the name to the highest supervisor on staff in an attempt to get my money back. The "service Rep", said sure, put me on hold and by gosh when someone answered guess who I was connected to? Credit Collection Services!!

Thanks Service Rep, you and the rest of the Company are the most incompetent people I have ever had the misery and pleasure of dealing with. After all, at least it's great entertainment for everyone else, maybe it will keep someone or hopefully everyone from signing up with you. that's actually worth the additional $142 I lost by dealing with you. I've noticed, that lately we as a Americans have finally learned to stand up and speak up for what we believe in and I am so proud of us for that!!!

We didn't give Casey A. a dime and we walked and stood up for Trayvon.

Maybe one day soon we will get together and say ENOUGH to scamming Companies like yours! I believe we will, so save your scammed dollars you may need them one day....

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You should not have that much trouble with our customer service or billing. If you would like to send me an email with your account number or the phone number that was on your account I would be happy to review your account and do everything I can to make things right.


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