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I moved to Marceline in February of 2013. I contacted the local cable company Mediacom for service. I ordered cable and internet services through them. I went through many cable boxes and many tech visits. Each time they would bring me a new box. I would estimate that it took approx. 3 months to get working cable TV service. At which point I was never credited for the time I did not have service.

Starting the 3rd month when my TV service started working, my internet service stopped working. I have put in an estimated 7-8 tech calls regarding extremely frequent internet disconnections. The service disconnects as frequent as 2-5 minutes apart and 30-50 times a day. The service is unusable. Several techs have been out and they have escalated the issue. My last tech was out last week and he told me that if the service was not working by last Thursday I should call them back. I did call them as I was still having disconnects. While I was on the phone with the tech support my internet monitor logged over 10 disconnects. They scheduled an appointment for today. At all the previous visits my wife had dealt with the techs. Today I took off early from work so that I would be able to talk to the tech directly. The tech never showed up. My appointment was scheduled from between 1-5pm today.

At 4:30pm I received an email stating that my appointment was cancelled. I called the customer service line to inquire as to why. The rep told me that the tech stated he had tried to call me and I did not answer several calls and that no one was home. I told the rep that I've been home and I have not missed any calls. I have been home for several hours. And to top it off, there are several people here with me and no one ever seen a tech show up. This was definitely the icing on the cake. I'm finished with Mediacom. 6 months later and I still don't have the service I paid for 6 months ago.

I would not recommend Mediacom.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Tv Service.

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As of now my service is working. I get the occasional disconnect but its nothing I'd be too concerned about. I am not the type that writes reviews. I'm 36 years old and I don't think I have ever written a review on a company or service. I don't even use social media. I don't have a single social media account.

I was very frustrated and I did post on Mediacom's official forums my complaint along with a link to 10 different reviews I posted regarding thier company. They reached out to me immedately. I was surprised and didn't realize that posting reviews would get a quicker response than calling customer service. I had made soo many calls to customer service that I've lost count.

To sum it up, my service is working 6 months later but it feels as though I had to pull out all the stops just to get the basic service I'm paying for. I shouldn't have to jump through so many hoops.



This is not the level of service you or any of our customers should expect and I would love to make this right for you and get these problems fixed. Can you please send me an email at with your name and contact telephone# and I can have management reach out to you about this and get these problems resolved and the account compensated for the issues you have had? We would love to hear from you and to have the opportunity to make this right for you.



Mediacom Social Media Team

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