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Mediacom Internet changed their email this week. Lots of troubles, I couldn't send email for 2 days.

Many regular emails never did come in for those 2 days. I went to the local office today, 12-11-09 to complain. Of course they tried to feed me a line of bull. Plus as usual, management hid in their offices leaving the nice women at the payment counter to take any heat from pissed off customers.

I was informed that with the new email, new customers will be limited to 1 email address.

They did allow up to 11 email addresses per account. This amounts to a reduction in the value of their service with ever increasing price charged the customer.

I also emailed the company, asking to talk to someone at the corporate level. They sent me a generic response, not worth anything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

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Hope this doesn't bother you folks but there is a new gig they are doing to make some money.

The excuse I just got was they are re-configuring the channels to gain more frequency. This might be true as I don't know what type of setup they have, other than one that seems to always has problems. I worked as a Network Engineer for 35 years and will have to admit Mediacom seems to be a cluster f----.

So now they say they are change the configuration to get more frequency to allow for more Digital channels. Oh and if you don't have a TV that handles digital you will now have to rent one of their digital converter box or go out and buy a new TV.

As many issues as they have had over time one would think they could listen to the customers once. Nope not as long as it affects their bottom line.


More Mediacom troubles!

A customer can have more than one account if they subscribe to their higher speed 8Mb or more internet.

Earlier in January, the internet and cable TV was out for nearly 24 hours. I contacted 4 different people. Three by phone, one in person at the local office.

I was told 4 different stories of why they had trouble. I did a google search to find the name of the CEO of Mediacom.

Rocco B. Commisso is the founder as well as the CEO AND the chairman of the board.

I wrote an email to Medicaom, asked that the email be forwarded to Mr Rocco B. Commisso, CEO and Chairman.

Guess what? The bastards have not answered the several emails asking that someone from the corporate level contact me.

Mediacom is like far too many companies, take money from the customer and so what if the service/product etc is ***. Mediacom customer service sucks at best. Go ahead and call and complain. Ask what the problem of the day is and why. Call 7 times and you will probably get 7 different answers.

Problem is that they are the fastest internet available in this area. When it works that is.

Machipongo, Virginia, United States #108823

Ummm...when you go to and login to the site, the link to add an associate email account is right there below the fields you used to login.


I also am confused because their old account features such as add new email account are gone!!! (as of late 2009) Also, no link to edit my personal webpage from their site any more after the changes.

Their old webpage for changing account settings and building your webpage had its certificate REVOKED! And now Firefox keeps asking me to report it to them. I reported it to Mediacom but I also, like you, got a generic, canned response, not one word about what I had said. I can't sign in to Mediacom's old page anyway to use it, so no new email accounts, even though they say you can "have" 11, which is good if you already do, you just can't "make" them.

It seems if you didn't activate your personal webpage before the switch there is no way to make one now either, as my mom's login credentials for her email account don't work on the new "upgraded" personal webpage system. Seems they just took away a bunch of features? Last time I checked, that is not an "upgrade"!!!

Don't get Mediacom, pls, even their "Mediacom Today" homepage is full of non-removable advertising, even though you ALREADY PAY to have that service. If I pay for something, I don't think it should be full of advertisements.

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