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We've had this problem with Mediacom Internet for a little while, but it has been just awful the last couple weeks. The internet speed is just fine, but it is completely unreliable. The time before last, when I called complaining about this issue, their phone representative had us go through all the formalities, such as resetting the modem, resetting the equipment, etc. None of this had worked. The representative then went to blaming it on our router.

They dispatched someone to come look at the connection. The connection was messing up when the guy called and said he was en route, yet it cleaned up just fine about 5 minutes before arrival. The tech opened a web browser, checked a speed test site, and decided the connection was fine. I tried showing the guy, via my SSH session to my linux dedicated server, output from MTR (which continuously pings and displays the status of every computer on the route to a destination, which I used to determine that it was their servers. He either didn't understand the information or didn't know how to interpret it, indicating they only are trained to use certain testing methods for diagnosing, but suggested connecting the computer directly to the modem and test it if it happened again.

Just recently, when the problem started getting worse, we tried calling again. The first thing the guy asked over the phone was if we were directly connected. I only had the main computer connected and he commented on the amount of data that has transferred over the last couple hours, thinking we were torrenting. After informing him we were trying to watch Netflix, we went on through the usual stuff, afterwards, the phone tech decided that all that data from Netflix was resetting the modem and it was either that or some cabling issue from the computer to the modem.

Tonight, I just finished talking with them again. I have the entire network connected and have 2 sessions opened to my linux server. The first session is pinging my modem's IP address and the second session was pinging the gateway IP. Since packet loss was occurring (according to my network monitoring logs) in intervals less than 10 minutes, I figured I had little time to wait. Sure enough, the gateway pinging starting showing signs of packet slowdown/loss. I ran this test several times and have seen response times from the gateway as high as 20, almost 21 seconds. After doing this, I think I finally have a tech convinced that they should look at the equipment outside.

The lesson to take out of this ordeal is that you better have a *** of a lot of patience if something goes wrong with your connection. They kept telling me that "the signal looks fine" or "the download speeds are great" (the first tech that tested via Speed Test), and I have no complaint with the speed.... but I'd rather have a much more reliable service instead of a faster one. It also seems that, if people were upset enough to actually refuse to get Mediacom and the company eventually went bankrupt, that they would continue blaming the customer's equipment to their grave. It can't possibly be their cabling. It can't possibly be their infrastructure. It can't possibly be anything other than the customer's router, modem, or computer.

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I agree. If you're a gamer, Mediacom WILL get you killed constantly.

If your game requires internet connection, just forget about it.

Even comcast is better than this unreliable trash. I get disconnected CONSTANTLY.


I got MediaCom 3 weeks ago because I wanted faster speed & more usage. But I am very disappointed that Internet access comes and goes.

I teach online courses - I NEED MY INTERNET ON AND AVAILABLE ALL THE TIME !!!! I live in southern Illinois.

I am so disappointed.


Same here in central ILLINOIS EXCEPT my tech rep said my db signal is TOO STRONG??? Maybe should be Adjusted??

It could be blowing the modem away?? We all know who's getting blow off here.


Hello Ijuakos,

I completely understand you growing frustration with the ongoing service issues you have been experiencing. The level of service you have experienced, whether on the phone or from our field representatives has been unacceptable thus far. I will be happy to investigate the issues and escalate this to the Area Manager so we can finally get to the bottom of this and resolve the issues you have been experiencing.

Can you send me an email to with your Mediacom account or phone number so I can look up your account and get this issued resolved for you?

Thank You,

Tim Spivey

Mediacom Social Media Relations

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