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Mediacom is the only internet provider in our area. Our internet service goes out constantly.

The customer service representatives are incompetent and rude. The technicians also are never able to figure out how to fix it. The last technician that came out said to call him directly and he would fix it.

He ended up avoiding my calls and hanging up on me saying that Internet service should be working. Attached is the text message he sent back to me.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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from what little of the chat you posted he clearly states he doesn't know when it will be but that they run 1-3 days out usually. how is that NOT helping?

he told you he can't tell you when but that they usually run 1-3 days out for it.

you then have the nerve the threaten to file a complaint against him ? for what?

telling you how it works? oh dear god if I had a complaint filed against me everytime I told someone how something works i'd have been fired for killing trees to make the paperwork mountain.

get off your soap box and take some responsibility for your own inability to understand concepts that others clearly can.

to Anonymous #1002053

It appears that you found your own soap box and have too much time on your hands. It sounds like you have low customer service standards as well and probably deserve to be fired from whatever low class job you are able to preform.

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