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Recently moved to another state and went from comcast to mediacom and have NOT been impressed since day one. First, I was told my appt for install would be between 8am and noon and they didn't show until after 1pm and said that it was scheduled between 1pm and 5pm, which it wasn't.

Then, I've lost my internet a few times with no help when I call for help. They just say it's being worked on, supposedly, and don't know when it'll be back on. Then two months after I move here I still haven't received a bill from them so I call and they just say it must not have printed for some reason but I owe $200, including a late fee I wouldn't have had if I had gotten a bill! I pay it so I don't lose my tv, internet and phone.

They send me a bill finally so I can have something to look at to see exactly what I paid for each thing and it has some other persons name on them bill!!! I call and the lady is VERY rude and trying to tell me that my address is the service address on the account. I know that!!! I just want the name changed to MY name!

I would've gone online to deal with the bill, but when trying to set up an account online, it wanted some code that you have to get from your paper bill and I NEVER got one until now!!! This company is a joke!

Comcast was 100 times better than this and had way more to offer even for on demand. I am seriously looking into alternatives in my area even if I have to pay a termination fee to get rid of this joke of a company.

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No thanks, since I'm sure this is just a standard response whenever anyone posts a complaint about your company and since you, unfortunately, have a monopoly in the area, I doubt you'll really do anything about it. I HATE satellite dishes, but, am looking into going that way just to NOT deal with mediacom.


I apologize for the problems you have had with your Mediacom service. Please email me at and I will do what I can to make things right. I look forward to hearing from you.



Mediacom Social Media Team

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