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I have been a customer of Mediacom since Feb 2005. I have had great service until Sept 2012 when I started having issues with my Internet.

Modem resets constantly. Since then I have had my modem replaced 3 times. Numerous Tech visits, the cable from the demark to my modem replaced. Sure enough 5-10 minutes after the tech leaves, down it goes again.

I unplugged every device in my house. Only thing connected was the modem itself. I paid my 9 year old daughter to sit there are watch the lights. Sure enough again 5 minutes into it the modem resets.

Last time the tech was here he stated there was some signal noise upstream and that it was a bad card (Dec 13th). He stated he would put in a trouble ticket. Still waiting to get decent internet. Jan 4th Internet fails again.

I call the always clueless customer service, explain the problem for the umpteenth time. There first response is, "we'll send a technician", I replied to do what, everything that can be replaced has been replaced, the problem is upstream. After a few more minutes the customer service rep responds, " oh yes, this is a known problem with no known date of repair". Now I get angry, I have been having issues for 5 months now and no known date of repair.

Now the CS rep talks to his supervisor because he suddenly remembered he submitted a ticket the day before (I know I didn't call on the 3rd). After more waiting, the CS Rep says they have a date of repair, Feb 18th!!! Are you kidding me. The problem has been around since Sept 2012 and it is now slated to get fixed Feb 18th 2013.

I only stick with them because I live in a small city and there are no other providers. I am a certified Network Engineer and I don't need a CS Rep blowing smoke up my A**. I do a lot of work from home which I am unable to do because my Internet connection is a Joke. I pay $95 a month for 20 down and 2 up.

On Friday the 4th and again on Sunday the 6th download was around 4 Mbps, I couldn't even get a reading on the upload. and when I did (1 out of 50 times trying) it registered 0.01 Mbps. I am extremely tired of this. My next call will be to the FCC, my lawyer and anyone else who can put some heat on Mediacom.

They obviously do not care about their customers. One more thing. When I call about trouble with my internet. DO NOT TRY TO SELL ME PHONE SERVICE!!!

I heard that is even worse then the Internet! Amount of loss $475 and climbing

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $475.

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I will be happy to help you with the continued service issues. This is not the level of service we expect our paying customers to experience. Can yous send me an email with your account or phone number to SocialMediaTeam@medaicomcc.com?


Mediacom Social Media Team

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