After weeks of failed attempts to improve very slow speeds, I was told that I would be given an upgrade to accommodate for slow internet speeds. I was told I would be upgraded to 30mpbs so I could get closer to the 15 I am signed up for. When I got my bill, it was much higher, and when I checked online I found out they had completely changed my plan and increased my rates without notifying me. They said that there is a copy of terms and agreements on their website, and that if you agree to ANYTHING over the phone then they can enforce any new terms and agreements at their discretion without your knowledge or consent.

I have decided that two can play at that game.

Here is my own form 4$$#0L3.553 by means of which is it clearly stated that: in the event of agreement by mediacom to cancel services wherein a subscriber was hosed over because mediacom got the ridiculous idea that if a customer agrees to anything over the phone the customer is thereby bound to contracts not presented or discussed during said conversation, mediacom will be obligated to credit back all charges and fees accrued by said customer starting from the date at which changes were made to customers account without full presentation of all terms, conditions, and additional fees.

In case you can't understand all that a simplified version is: You state that if I agree to anything over the phone, then you can imply any additional charges you want if you have something in writing somewhere else. So I am saying that if you agree to anything on your messageboard, then you are bound to anything that I makeup elsewhere.

You agreed to cancel my service therefor you also agree to void any charges or fees dating back to Jan 26th 2013.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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