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Me and my fiance' have recently bought a place together and started looking for an internet provider. well after searching around, i found that mediacom is the provider in the area.

We contacted them probably a month ago or so. they had originally told us that wihin a week they would send out a tech to do a " line drop ". well 2 weeks go by and we decide to call up and see what has been going on. We were assured that a tech would be to our house within a week to put the flags in our yard.

welp, a week and a half later, no call no email and no tech arrives. Well, we called a week later and claimed to have absolutely no idea what we were talking about at all.... then out of nowhere, the girl on the phone tells us once again that within a week they would show up.

needless to say it has been over a week, and still nothin. obviously mediacom has little to no regard for new potential customers.

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Well yeah, it is now november 5th and still no internet. the tech told us 2 days ago that he would connect our router today.

well, lo and behold we called to verify and guess what? the girl on the phone replied with the response that i had anticipated " i dont see anything scheduled ". and then proceeds to tell me that maybe wednesday of this week or next.

i gotta be truthful, i shoulda asked santa claus for internet. it would have came faster.


I can not connect to internet at first maybe once a month but now every other day can not connect. No real answer from them like they dont care must not need customers


It should definitely not take this long to get service installed. Please send me an email with your phone number or address to and I can check to see what has been going on with this and work to get this completed.


Mediacom Social Media Team

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