Mediacom is the highest cost cable company i have ever dealt with. The number of choices and channel options vs the price we pay is insane!

I had mediacom installed a few weeks ago, and every channel I try to go to is unavailable. I pay over $150 per month for this cut rate cable and their Internet. I had AT&T prior to these idiots. NO COMPARRISON.

AT&T, PLEASE come to Marion IL so I can tell these idiots to kick rocks!!!! Does anyone know of any other options?

I have considered dish but I MUST have Internet as well.

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We had the media com tech out to our house in Grand Rapids. He checked everything around the house such as modems, lines and went away saying it was a "network" problem, the same one that has been bothering people in Minnesota for some time. He said something about how the piggyback on AT&T lines but something was up with them.

No answers. No solutions. No timelines.

I called customer service to find out what to do, honestly looking for answers. We are having to use our wireless hotspots on our Verizon phones to run the internet. We need consistant service and Mediacom works for awhile then shuts down to nothing.

I got no answer but a promise to refund some money. I don't want the money. I teach online and my wife goes to school and uses the internet all the time so we need it to work.

Again. No answers. No ideas. No solutions.

Paul Bunyan here we come!!!


They really suck, I keep hoping for either comcast or at&t to com into our area. Constant outages, ridiculous prices, and awful customer service make me wonder how this company is still alive.


I'll be happy to review your account and see what can be done to lower your bill. Please email your acocunt information to socialmediateam@mediacomcc.com. I look forward to hearing from you.



Mediacom Social Media Team

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