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Mediacom is abolsutely horrible. Worst customer service I have ever experience each time I call! I even had a supervisor tell me once "not to expect special treatment" because I wasn't a business customer when the internet was out- I was blown away!

Then they tried to bill me for a "trip charge" when a trip never happened. When I called to get this charge removed, they told me they would get back to me within 48 hours, but I never heard a thing. After I canceled because we were moving and I absolutely did not want to continue their services, they told me I didn't return the remote with the equipment. Why would I keep a remote to equipment and services I couldn't use??!!

Never have they tried to resolve my issues on the phone. The supervisors are a total joke. All these are customer service issues so maybe you're thinking, well how's the service? HORRIBLE!! I don't care if you have to get dial not get their internet services - you will be better off! It's constantly down or interrupted. Poor poor quality when you pay a ridiculous amount of money for their services.

All this and would you believe I'm not one to complain?? No joke. I don't want to see others cheated out of money, aggrivated over poor services, or treated horrible by their "customer service". I'm in the customer service business and if I ever acted the way they did, I would be ashamed to go to work every day. DO NOT GET MEDIACOM!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

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