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Mediacom's cable-modem internet connection is as horrible as I can possibly imagine. I am in Savage, Minnesota, and other people around me experience the same problem of highly frequent and prolonged internet slow-downs.

I get very frustrated when the speed slow. It may be up for five-minutes and then down for five. It may run at 11MBS for a while and then at 1MBS. It may be off altogether for days at a time.

I live in an area where there is no choice so I have to use Mediacom. But if I had any other choice I would definitely never use Mediacom. Their customer service is horrible. I really do not know how they stay in business.

Our internet has not worked for 2 weeks, they been out 4 times, but the problem has not been fixed

Calling them and complaining does not seem to do any good either. Looking for a way to cancel and disconnect the service.

I may be able to get Integra telecom for my Internet provider. If you have a choice, please………..DO NOT GET MEDIACOM FOR YOUR INTERNET PROVIDER……….it will drive you crazy.

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I got *** into buying the highest speed Internet and it doesn't serve it's purpose at all. 65 down the drain per month. And like some of you, their the only provider in my area.

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