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5/30, I called in to order the medicacom service only because I could not get a line of sight with DTV. Spoke with a lady and she was very helpful with all of my questions and concerns. I signed up for the HD DVR with Starz, Showtime and HBO. I have an installation date set for 6/4/12.

During the weekend I called about adding on internet service but decided to wait to get the 12 mbps internet, CSR Confirms my order and install date. I called in again because I needed to get my account number, also had this agent verify my order information to make sure it is right. The order is correct.

6/4/12, Day of installation! Im excited because after a month of moving and not having tv, I can finally get it. The tech calls me and tell me he is on the way, he also tells me that the order was put in for cable and internet, he says he can call someone to have the internet canceled. The tech knocks on my door and says "Im sorry i cant cancel the internet order or do the install because it has both internet and cable. I called in very irate because not only did the first *** lie to me but the other raunchy hussies lied to me too, so you can imagine how pissed I am. I called in and a guy answers the phone, I tell him my situation. That sweet tart had me on hold for 20 minutes waiting..... for what idk. I hang up and try it again. A lady answer, she was not helpful at all, she didn't even want to talk. She corrects the order and tell me that sweet tart had already re-scheduled me (when I did not ask to be rescheduled). Now I have to wait till Thursday which isn't a big deal. Before she hangs up she tell me that I need to have $60 for when the tech come. (Now you can imagine the words I told her) After speaking with almost 5 CSR's they never told me that I had to pay for the first month of service before I actually used it. ***, if I would've known that I would have paid it with the deposit!!!!! WTF?!! So I ask for a supervisor. Now I work for a call center myself and when a customer asks for a supervisor, you get them one. After 10 minutes of going back and forward (because she thought I wanted compensation), I get a supervisor. The CSR must have told her I was *** because she didn't even apologize for the previous CSR's!! After half an hour with the supervisor we get it all straightened out but they can not change my install date, So i call the tech. He says that he will be able to come back out today, he just has to finish the job he is on now. Well *** me with a hammer, he never showed up (O.o)... So not only are the CSR's ***, the techs are too.

Mediacom are a bunch of unethical, illiterate, pathetic *** holes, from the csr that sets up the service to customer retention. $.5 cents is all medicaom is worth. How hard is it to *** "Actively Read?", What is in your face at that!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Tv Service.

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