I am pay 200 a month for service, and I used to like media-com, but I am sick of the commercials on every channel, even premium. I am going to switch to an alternate service, and I'm telling everyone I know to drop media-com.

Maybe then they will listen to customer complaints about "SERVICE". it is ridiculous!! The cable system has abused the trust of the consumer, or they have forgotten why people wanted cable or tv.

We pay good money for advertising free service, but now there are ore commercial that program content. Media-com is going to lose market share with current programming matrix.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Maybe...just maybe; Don't steal *** online? A very long rant to say 'They won't let me steal music, movies, ect on their connection".

And really, just go VPN and your worry free. *** ***.


I can understand your frustration with this; however, programming choices are completely up to the determination of the networks themselves, including commercials, and are not the decision of the cable provider. Any commercial times during and in between programs are scheduled by the networks themselves, and will occur regardless of provider.


YES- good choice my friend. I have posted the following article on Mediacom's website, and hope that everyone will spread the word against the #graduatedresponse policy that major ISP's are trying to shove down our throats, quietly.



Unfortunately, I have only negative experiences to report with Mediacom. Not only does my home suffer from constant outages, but then AFTER a long process of repairing our service involving several house-calls from your technicians and replacement of major equipment on poles outside, a tele-support rep had the gall to tell us that the connection problems were due to the infringement activity on our account. According to your "graduated response" policy, we had only been to the warning stage so far, and no termination of service occurred. We still have service even now. That support rep blamed us for the problems that were clearly yours, as evidenced by all the repair activity needed in our area (the city itself was having known outages in a wide area at the time).

Now, that's bad enough... what's worse is your company's agreement to start policing the public's activity online, as if you're everyone's parents. I'm speaking about #graduatedresponse here, which is the collaboration of major ISP's with RIAA and MPAA to punish the public by CIRCUMVENTING THE DUE PROCESS OF THE LAW. Why would you think this is a sustainable business strategy? Have you not heard of capitalism? Do you think people will just accept this, once they have access to an ISP that doesn't try to police their lives???

When a copyright holder sends a report of infringement to Mediacom, Mediacom accepts that report as gospel, and forwards a threat to their customer stating the customer's service will be terminated and blacklisted if it happens again... so, an UNPROVEN ALLEGATION is made against YOUR PAYING CUSTOMER, and without even asking the customer about it, you THREATEN THEM WITH PUNITIVE ACTION. The only defense the customer has is starting up a costly court battle with the copyright holder that the customer must win in order for the allegation to disappear from their ISP's record. Whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty"?

This same punitive process applies to any UNPROVEN ALLEGATION against a customer's IP address, even if it is only a stranger using the connection during the infringement... for instance, a neighbor who doesn't have the benefit of a connection, and the customer kindly opens their own to them... or a guest who visits your home and doesn't realize you have an ISP that wants to control and punish you.

Thankfully, other ISP offerings are moving into my neighborhood soon, and I will enjoy their threat-free service momentarily. In the meantime, I will spread the word where I can, doing my small part to share with everyone what you have been trying to keep just as quiet as possible: allow our rights to be decided outside of the judicial system. :(

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