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We ordered Mediacom back at the end of Oct 2011 from a door to door sales person. We cancelled the service within 1 hour from when the installer disappeared from my home. We took the equipment back the next day. I received a bill in the mail last month and spoke with a rep that said he would waive the charge. Two days ago I received another bill and called again and was told that I had to pay it for 1 day service. I explained I did not use the service it was cancelled within 1 hour after install and would have been sooner but I had to drive to a Mediacom office to get an HD DVR which should have been installed to begin with. Then yesterday I received a notice from a collection agency trying to collect the $38 that is owed. Normally when you are charging for 1 day service it's prorated so $32 divided by 30 days is like $1.06 so I don't see where $31 comes from. The reason why I cancelled was the customer service I received from the installer and the support person I spoke with that day.

Issues with the installer: 1) Don't greet a new client with "Hey Man whats up" 2) I showed the installer where all 4 TV's needed to be installed and home was prewired. He installed 3 of the 4. 3) Me and my wife were watching TV on one and we asked if we needed to turn the program off and he said not at this time. We told him to let us know when he would like us to turn it off. About 15 minutes later he walks in from of the TV we were watching and started to disconnect without warning. 4) We were to have a wireless modem installed along with a HD DVR. I asked him about the modem and he said I would need to schedule another install when they get some in. I did not notice we did not have a DVR until the installer left without saying anything. 5) The installer had me sign the form and he walked off, I thought he would be back to do a walk through with me and go over the setup and show me how everything works. While I was waiting for him to return I tried to play with the DVR and found it was not enabled. I walked outside to find the installer but he already left.

Issues with the Support Call: I called support and was told my order did not have a DVR, but according to my form I received from the door to door sales, it had wireless modem and HD DVR. I was told if I want a DVR that I will need to schedule another install or go to the Mediacom office and change it out. I told the rep I should not have to do any of those since it was not me error. I asked to have the installer return to my house and put in a DVR. She came back and said they spoke with the installer and he does not have any on his truck and I had to schedule another install or go to the office. I then drove to the office and exchanged it. Once I got back home I was upset of the lack of customer service and professionalism I received so I called and cancelled the service and took the equipment back the next day.

I do not feel that I should be responsible for any charges due to the service I received. Can you please let me know if the $31 + $7 late fee is being waived and if not then why is it $31 when I only had the service which was not used for about 1 hour?

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Tv Service.

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I greatly apologize for any poor customer service you experienced while installing our services. I would love to make this right with you. Please email me directly at at your earliest convenience and I will work to resolve this problem for you as quickly as possible.



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