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I have Mediacom phone service. The on going experience of poor customer service continue3s.

I'm moving and placed a disconnect order for the 29th of the month. Mediacom disconnected my phone on the 17th. It took me until the 21st to get phone service back. I use Mediacom phone service as my main phone.

I was advertising big ticket items on craigs list. No one could get through to me. I talking to Mediacom all I got was apologies. When I expressed my disatification and asked for some type of compensaqtion they credited me for the days I was with out service and saqid it would be unwise to do anything else.

Their business model needs to be changed.

I f we organize as a large group we can influence how they handle their customers. e-mail me at ronanddiana76@gmail.com

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Where is ths happening?

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