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I am just so totally ticked off with Mediacom this evening. I just had cable Internet installed this afternoon and cannot use it. The install tech failed to provide me with a user ID or password. When asked he directed me to to create an e-mail ID and password. However, he left before I could start the process.

I tried calling 1-800-332-0245 and 1-855-633-4226 and getting a message about intermittent outages and to call back later. However, if I wanted to pay a bill hit 1 or something. Three hours later I found and called the this number 1-855-356-7466 and Ajay would not provide me with the information to use my account.

I went through this kind of *** with them 3 years ago. I should have know better. Cable companies need competition. I guess I will stick with my DSL, which goes out when it rains or is humid. By the way, DSL was faster and up more than my cable Internet. Mediacom does not care as they do not guarantee a minimum connection speed.

Sorry my gripe for the year - I promise. I am fighting a very strong urge to pull the cable from the house and leave it dangling from the telephone pole tomorrow morning.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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I apologize for the frustration our service has caused you. I would be happy to help make your experience better. Please email your phone number, account number or service address to I look forward to hearing from you.



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