The tech that installed my cable punched a hole thru the brick and broke the brick on house and says it was minor there is no brick left. So I call and speak to a Customer Service rep on Mar 28 and they say they will call me back and get it fixed, great I say.

On May 16 I call them back and they tell me they will escalate this now> hmmm ok I wonder why but ok I am going along with this. On June 8 they send me a late notice and I call again about brick still broke they are going to escalate it again. hmmm pissed now thought this was already done. They want me to pay for there service but I still have not gotten the brick on the house fixed or even a polite phone call telling me what to expect.

I will not pay them another penny until this is resolved. Att Uverse now is your chance to not suck as bad cause I understand every one has there issues. But I will cancel Mediacom and will tell everyone I know to do the same.

(I failed to mention I am a business owner in this market so I see a lot of people.)Mediacom do the right thing because your customer service reps and their supervisor can not or do not have the power to fix this or adjust my bill until this is resolved.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #674268

you think mediacom cares about a *** brick on your house!! you are funny how many times are you going to call and waste your time "escalating" it that's just the magic word to get you off the phone. and they could care less if you are a business owner is that a threat to a big corporation i bet they are trembling in there shoes!


This is not the experience that you should expect from us, nor the treatment that you should be receiving- I'm very sorry to hear of this. I'm surprised over the length of time that you have already had to endure this and I would very much like to work on a quick and permanent resolution. If you wouldn't mind, please send me your account information to SocialMediaTeam@mediacomcc.com and I will begin working with my supervisor and the area management to ensure that this is taken care of.

Again, I'm very sorry for this trouble. I'll definitely do everything in my power to set this right!


Mediacom Social Media Relations

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