I switched from Direct Tv to Mediacom last year. I set up my initial installation appointment.

Of course they tried to sell me phone and internet which I declined. The day before the installation I got a call from a Mediacom representative offering me internet service for only $5 a month. The first thing I asked was, "What is the catch? Is this a promotional price that will increase in the future?" I was assured that the price would be only $5 as long as I was a customer.

Still apprehensive, I asked the same questions again....this time asking if the call was being recorded for proof. Again...the same promises. And yes of course the call is being recorded. Now a year later the price has increased to $45.95.

I call to correct the mistake and was greeted by rude costumer service representatives who refused to help me. In fact they insisted that it was my fault for the increase because I should have watched the commercials from last year saying that this was a promotional offer. They took no responsibility for the employee who gave me incorrect information. They again accused me of making the mistake because I didn't read page 4 of my electronic bill indicating that my promotion was ending.

Mediacom sends me a monthly email telling me my bill is ready to view online. Granted I have to have a log in and password to access my bill....and I have to hope that my internet service is working....which it often is not! I asked to be reimbursed for the current charge and agreed to cancel the internet. They flat out refused!

After that I said I wanted to cancel everything and switch to Direct Tv. The representative then started bad mouthing DirectTv and told me what I would be paying there and all the additional fees. I told him that the improvement in customer service would be well worth the additional costs! I can't believe the way this company treats their customers!!!!

F in customer service!

C- in product! Don't waste your time and money!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

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So I was on the phone with Mediacom rep who was giving me the run around about my rate increase. 1st she said she has proof that I agreed to the contract and was going to pull the call but of course, she was not able to.

I threaten to write to their headquarters, she said she will waive the increase for the next 3 months only totaling $60.00 to "make good" I then asked for the copy of my signed contract, she put me on hold for 10 minutes just to come back and tell me she will be mailing the contract to me w/in 7-10 business days but did not bother to confirm my address!!! Now i wonder if I should have settled for that 3 months waiver and complaint later on to get the remaining months waived instead of settling for mail documents which I have a feeling, I won't be receiving.

Well, If I don't see it in 7 days, you better believe I will use that as additional complaints!!!



That' is to Funny... I was Looking on The internet just For That Reason..

To See If i was The only other Person That Got Scammed by Mediacom... I got The Same Offer But they Told Me That I Would Be paying $29.99 after 12months.. and Now This Month I Rec'd a Bill For $45.95... I Told Them To Send Me Something on paper That Told Me That's What i Was Going to Be Charged and They Told Me They didn't Have Anything..

That's just The Standard Rate... They Are a Joke..

They Really Should do Away With The Monitored Customer Service Phone Calls.. Because they Don't Do Any Good..

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