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I had mediacom for years. Horrible company.

Terrible service. Expensive.

Go Directv. You'll never look back

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• How can I order DIRECTV for my home? • DIRECTV Installation – Schedule Appointment • Where can I download the DIRECTV order forms for my office? • Where can I download the DIRECTV order forms for my hotel, dorm, or hospital? • DIRECTV Installation - How is DIRECTV Installed?

Catherine C. (ID 100622750) DIRECTV:Hi, my name is Catherine C. (ID 100622750). How are you today?

File attachment upload has started.Tony Public:can you get this?Catherine C. (ID 100622750) DIRECTV:Hi Tony, how can I help you? The file DirecTV.jpg (2897.71KB) was received.Catherine C. (ID 100622750) DIRECTV:You want to move the dish, am I correct?Tony Public:that is correct.

Tony Public:I come home at night and ran into it 3 times already because this thing is about 5 foot high and the arm is hanging out over the walk way.Catherine C. (ID 100622750) DIRECTV:Tony, here's what we will do, I will trnasferCatherine C. (ID 100622750) DIRECTV:the chat to our technical specialist to further assist you, would that be okay/Tony Public:I don't care. just make it happen or get me someone how canCatherine C.

(ID 100622750) DIRECTV:Yes Tony, stay on the line.Tony Public:ok Catherine C. (ID 100622750) DIRECTV has disconnected.Brittany E. (ID 100847123) DIRECTV:Hi, my name is Brittany E. (ID 100847123).

How are you today?Tony Public:can you look back to the beginning of this chat?Brittany E. (ID 100847123) DIRECTV:Yes I can, bear with me just a momentBrittany E. (ID 100847123) DIRECTV:Alright, so we need to relocate the dish, bear with me while I access your account and see when I can get someone out there to you.Tony Public:it is not my account. I am just the ran who ran it to it.Tony Public:I can give you the address.Brittany E.

(ID 100847123) DIRECTV:You would have to have the person whos account it is to contact us about it being moved, I cannot schedule something without the account holder.Tony Public:I already have and it is still not moved. I do not have her name, phone or account. just the address.Brittany E. (ID 100847123) DIRECTV:I am sorry for that, but there is nothing I can do without actually speaking to the account holderTony Public:the address is an address in Iowa Tony Public:yes you canTony Public:the technology is there.

look up the address.Tony Public:send a tech person out to verify and move it.Brittany E.

(ID 100847123) DIRECTV:That has nothing to do with it, I can look the account up yes, but I cannot make changes or schedule any kind of relocation without the permission of the account holder. It is their equipment and cannot be moved without their say so.

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