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I recently switched to Mediacom in an effort to save money. After realizing that there was no remote or guide channel I called them back to find I need to pay extra for the box in order to have those conveniences so I requested one.

The same technician came back to install the box as we were preparing to leave for our east coast family vacation. Our TV was working fine and we had never had a problem with it in the past, however, after the technician left there were lines running up and down the screen on one side of the TV that did not go away after shutting down or changing settings and got worse with time. The TV is not even watchable at this point because you cannot see what is on 3/4 of the screen. Because we were leaving on vacation, I determined I would call to take care of it as soon as we got back explaining why I hadn't called sooner.

I began calling the day after we arrived home from our vacation and called for approx. 7 weeks, each time someone apologizing for the delay and promising someone would call me back that day... someone finally called me back and arranged to come check the TV explaining that it was a "he said" "she said" type of deal and I may not be happy with the outcome. He did come to verify that the TV was not working and again informed me that I really can't prove it was their equipment so I may not be happy with the outcome.

I waited 6 more days to hear back from him. He indicated that he talked to his boss and that unless I can prove it was their equipment, they will not repair the damages. I asked what their protocol is when they come into a home and work on property that is previously damaged...he said the tech. should have a conversation with the homeowner on the spot to verify the damage was already there.

This never happened in my case, because there was no prior damage. I asked if there were waivers or disclosures that should have been signed...he didn't know. I find it hard to believe that they would come work n a TV that is unwatchable and not mention it to the customer or fill out any paperwork releasing them from liability for pre-exisiting damages.

I have no way of proving the problem was caused by their box or their technician which is what I am required to do. I am really discouraged that it took 2 months for them to finally resolve that they will not repair damages caused either by their equipment or their technicians.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Davenport, Iowa, United States #743451

Mighty jumbo.... I did have a TV repair man look at it, he said it would cost more to fix than a new TV.

However, without being there when the equipment caused the surge to my TV, he can't "prove" it. He was an honest man, unlike the Mediacom tech. that lied about it. I am sure I could drive around and find someone to say without a doubt it was Mediacom...but I am teaching 6 college courses this semester, taking classes at night, and am a single mom, so having time to do that is out of the question.

People should just be honest and businesses should not screw customers. My TV is less than 5 years old and it was working when he got there.

Mason City, Iowa, United States #737140

:) We never had any problems with Mediacom at all.... It seems strange that the person in complaint above never had a Television repair person take a look at the TV to confirm if it was Mediacom or if the Television suddenly went bad as that can and does happen.

They have always been most helpful with everything...also in Iowa.................. :grin

to MIGHTY JUMBO #742863

Well, Mighty Jumbo, you are the exception..... Once a day, literally, our tv goes out, the old ref code: s0a000 comes up on the screen and I call Mediacom, same story, I'm the first to call apparently.

They say no outage, and then later in the day i call back, and of course there is an outage.

They have the WORST customer service of anyone, and of cable service. I would LOVE to get rid of them, but they are the only cable company in our area.

to Joy #756909

Just because you don't get your way doesn't mean the customer service is bad. That is a thankless job.

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