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I am only writing this review here because Mediacom does not provide any opportunities for customer feedback on their website. Call them? I did and waited over 20 minutes for Customer Service to pick up. To try and get rid of me, they made a big deal about security because my wife set up the account. When I provided the information required, they couldn’t find our account. When I asked to take the Customer Survey, they hung up on me. I wasn’t about to call back.

Never mind that we had to wait a week to have our service hooked up, Mediacom's customer service and digital cable product are terrible (phone is OK, internet and installers have been very good)! There is a long pause between channels, the on-screen guides stink and the signal is often intermittent. The DVR, while a convenient option, is inferior to those offered with satellite. We have ordered two on-demand movies and in both cases they stopped in the middle and could not be re-started; while Mediacom did refund the cost of the movies, it is very frustrating. If Mediacom is your only choice, don’t bother with a HD television- they only have a few channels and the reception quality is so poor that the picture actually looks better on a traditional set.

We don’t have any other choice where we currently live, or we would certainly switch back to satellite. Google their CEO’s name and he actually mentions it as part of Mediacom’s business strategy in several recent articles. It’s obvious to me that Mediacom’s Pledge to Customers is pure fiction.

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Advertisements have always been transmitted up a few decibles....but since Mediacom has gone digital - commercials blast me out of the room....can't have anyone sleeping anywhere in the house...I'm switching to Dish!

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