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I have had several different cable dealings. I had DirecTV for 10 years.

I had Comcast for one year. Never have I been upset as often and to the degree that I have been since I've had Mediacom. I am a quadriplegic on a fixed income. There has been one thing after another.

I told them I did not need a landline because of quadriplegia I'm unable to pick it up. They still put it on there. I called in to get the basic package instead of the extra things that I had in the current package. In the midst of thinking that I was getting my bill down because of having less programming, they said that I had agreed to a new two-year contract with a lesser price for 1 year and a $15 increase for the second.

I have asked them for a transcript of the phone call. I know that I would not have agreed to a two more years with them under contract. I have never found them to be helpful as I did with other cable companies and the minute my contract which I don't believe I ever agreed to is up on October 13th of 2018 I will be cancelling them and getting someone else and at this point I don't care who anyone has to be better than them.

Other things have happened that are too many to write about. I have never been this displeased with any company that I've had to deal with.

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