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We have been a loyal customer for over 10 years, but recently, the service that Mediacom has provided has been terrible! We cannot get 1/2 of the channels we are paying for.

We have repeatedly called their customer service and went to their local office for help. They refuse to return calls and/or rectify the problem. It has been a month now. We are considering contacting the Illinois AttorneyGeneral with this breach of contract.

Why is there not a choice of cable carriers in this area? We need more coices so that this arrogant attitude can be punished with a loss of revenue for the offender.

P.O.ed in Southern Illinois

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My e-mail is and I recently talked with a lawyer about a class action suit. If you are interested e-mail me.

The lawyer said that we will have a case bc mediacom knows that they can't provide the service, but still charge us and sign up new customers knowing full well that they can't provide the service. My lawyer and I are currently trying to work with the IL States Attorney to make a case so I'm hoping you and I could work together on this.


i will assume this is Chris Lord posting as Mediacom Communications.

if you havent noticed we are all giving up on your company. posting " approved mediacom responses to annoyed customers" is not going to do much. specially posting that your failing costomer support is DECICATED TO PROVIDING TOP NOTCH QUALITY SERVICE AND CUSTOMER CARE. if they are half as dedicated at prividing quality .. or support.. we all wouldnt be on this site posting our experiances with them. heck if it wasnt for your continued responses with the over use of copy and paste i probley wouldnt even have responded. IF you are truely wanting to fix this then start dealing with us as people, instead of a annoyance you must deal with as part of your job. I for one would prefer the rude mystery agent who refuses to transfer me to ANYONE who can do anything to help than to someone trying to pat my back.. cause all it feels like is someone trying to pick my pocket like your company has been doing to me for so long now.

fix my lagging internet.. deal with the lack of reliable ondemand .. and so far i have had no problems with my phone.. SO LEAVE IT THE *** ALONE.


Cable box has been failing for months.

Service outages - last hours with no notification (and hence no credit or reimbursement)

minimum of 1 h in attempt to get through their horrible phone tree - asking for information that SHOULD not be used or given - and then required to repeat ad infinitum with any attempt to transfer call.

Any request to speak to a supervisor results in the customer service representative terminating call. .... I guess that really is their "supervisor" = terminate your service.

It's still been 4 days - no service, not return to my call, email or anything else.

Clear "stellar" service.


My pappy told me if you can't say nothing nice about something, don't say nothing at all. I can't say nothing nice about Mediacom. They are truely the villans.


medicom is very poor sevice. half the ch go out and the cable it self goes out the sound goes up and down all the time the ch freeze then we get no single medicom company does nothing to fix these problems.we all pay good money for this ***!

us as customers cant do any thing about it eighter. very unhappy with this service

Machipongo, Virginia, United States #200690

My name is Chris Lord and I work with the Social Media team for Mediacom . I apologize for the poor service from Mediacom and would love to help improve your service and your experience with Mediacom. If you would like to email me the problems at, or through here I will do all I can to fix any issues you are having. If you would prefer a phone call, you can send me your TN through here or the following email and I will call you at your convenience.



Mediacom Social Media Team


Mediacom Is the worst internet provider and the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with... My fiance called because our internet was down the tech told her that it was an outage and most people would be back online he told her she would have to wait it out giving no time frame when it would be back on he was very very rude so I was very angry I then called and got ahold of some tech that was also rude so I asked to speak to his supervisor he refused until I told him three times and then he finally transferred me to his supervisor first off I don't need a tech to back talk when I ask to speak to his supervisor. I am PAYING for you to have a job I have always been told the customer is always right and well I didnt feel this way


Mediacom has horrible service. The internet goes out constantly, even for days, without a discount! They randomly charge you more for no reason, and the customer service says they can't do anything about it, but that's just bull.

Machipongo, Virginia, United States #167434

I would be happy to assist you in any way that I can, if you would like to provide contact information. If you are calling into the customer service number, please escalate until you reach someone that is addressing your issue. You can also email our customer escalation process via our corporate website.


In regards to Mediacom Communications response, what telephone number do you think I have been calling for the last 4 weeks? This number just goes to a ramdon customer service agent.

All they can tell me is that they are waiting on maintenance. Evidently you need to hire more mainteance people and a compentent supervisor to meet objectives/appointments.

Machipongo, Virginia, United States #166824

Mediacom Communications is dedicated to providing top notch quality service and customer service. My apolgies that you have not experienced that. Please contact us at 888 847 6228

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