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I was customer of Mediacom. Mediacom is always presenting these “New Customer Promotions”, as I call them, that are attractive, so one thinks. However, if you use Netflix and/or Hulu as your movie viewing preference, as my family does, or maybe you use some other internet stream site. You will find that the data cap Mediacom sets is not enough for the package they think you should contract into. Yet, they will recommend it, saying our normal customers never go over those data caps, if you do question it. Of course you agree because you are not “not-normal”.

Now they have you in a 1 or 2 year contract that probably doesn’t support what you want to do. But, let’s say you are a normal customer and never go over the data cap. Everything is going descent with your “New Customer Promotion.” Then BAM, your “New Customer Promotion” ends and you receive your new bill. Mediacom now offers you their other promotion what I call the “*** Good Customer Promotion.” “*** Good Customer Promotion” will probably increase your bill from 3-5 times the original price, depending what you contacted for.

So, you take it in the shorts for the first month or two while you are on the “*** Good Customer Promotion” paying Mediacom’s “out of this world” bill. You call Mediacom to see what other promotions they may have for a good patron as yourself. Well, it seems all Mediacom has for a good reliable patron who paid their bills on time, making Mediacom a successful business, is the “*** Good Customer Promotion.”

You become annoyed and ask why can’t I get into one of the “New Customer Promotions?” Mediacom’s representative’s response is, is because those promotions are only for our new customers, which you are unfortunately not anymore. In the end you realize that this relationship isn’t going anywhere, so you cut your ties with much anger, embarrassment and disappointment. Or maybe you’re that poor unfortunate person who believes they could not find any better internet provider, which is horrific because you can. There is a huge world out there full of internet suppliers, so go explore and STAY AWAY FROM Mediacom.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

I didn't like: Treatment of reliable customers.

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My point is how do you know you if you go over the cap, your taking their word for it. They do not show proof of going over or how much. they are scamming customers.

to Anonymous #1197075

I decided to test that. I kept going over the data caps...

with just 2 xboxes, I was getting 500gb plus. I thought, with Netflix and gaming it was possible. So when I got the pop up notification saying I've used 98% of my allotted data I unplugged to power from the router. After 3 weeks I decided to update my mobile apps, about 300MB.

I also decide to just go to a website and see if the pop up will show up again. And sure enough there it was. Telling me I've gone over 400gb.....

like *** I have, I powered down my router and those bastards think their going to scam people like this? You've got another thing coming Mediacom, and a lawsuit will be one of them.


Pretty sure he's gone for good MediacomSupport. I've been with you more than 15 years, but things have gone very much down hill the past couple of years...I will probably join him soon.


Hello JudgeJames,

I'm sorry to hear that we have lost your business. I assure you that this is not the level of service that we strive for.

If you'd like, please send us your account details, along with a brief description of the trouble, to our team at

We have multiple tiers of internet service that have a variety of speeds and data allowances, and we would love to see if there is a package that suits you better. We hope to hear from you!

Thank you,

Mediacom Social Media Relations

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