In Feb 2011 I signed a contract with Mediacom for a reduced rate/promotion. Each month the bill was paid on time.

I misplaced the contract but thought it might be for 2 years. However, late January 2012 I received a "Rate Note" notice that said "This is a reminder that your promotional rate is due to expire next month...". Based on this I shopped for a new provider, thinking that I must have been wrong, that I was under a 1-year contract. I had new service installed, notified Mediacom, and returned their equipment.

I was then told I was under a 2-year contract and would have to pay an early disconnect penalty of $125. I received a bill on 03/03/12 for $145.71; penalty was $120 and electronic change charge of $2.00 (whatever the *** that is!). I called customer service several times and got more run-around than anyone should have to deal with and no answers. On 04/09/12 I rece3ived a collection services bill for $174.85 with a note that said I have 30 days to dispute the validity of the debt; in turn, the office would obtain verification of the debt or obtain a copy of a judgment and mail me a copy.

I disputed the bill 4 days later and copied Mediacom. I heard nothing and received nothing until yesterday, 07/18/12, when another Credit Collection Services bill arrived. Today I called the Retention Department of Mediacom and explained the situation and why I changed providers...the Rate Note that was sent in late January. The Rep just kept reminding me that I signed a 2-year contract and the Rate Note was printed by a computer.

I asked why the wording couldn't be clearer and she just repeated that it was printed by a computer. Hello!!! Doesn't someone program that computer??? Finally I told her the $174.85 was still cheaper than paying for another year's service so I would gladly pay it but as someone who works in marketing, I would follow the old rule that if a customer is dissatisfied they will tell as many people as possible.

That's now my mission...to make sure that anyone who reads this knows that Mediacom cannot be trusted and will take every opportunity to squeeze the last dollar out of you. Avoid them at all costs!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Bundle.

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Golden Meadow, Louisiana, United States #606142

Good lord, I get so tired of reading stuff like this. I signed up for a similar agreement.

They tell you it's a 2 year agreement and tell you the rate will go up on the second year by like 10 or 20 bucks. I got a letter to stating my rates would increase which was the second year increas I agreed upon. I mean, I'm all for busting crappy companies, but this one's on you...seriously. So, because you couldn't remember what you agreed to, you got the rate increase notice and instead of calling to inquire you assumed your deal was up and cancelled services.

Then you got hit with the contract termination fee, which you originally consented to and somehow this is everyone else's fault but your own? Way to take responsibility.


I just received the same "Rate Increase" on the 2nd year. Every year our rates have gone up, but meantime new users are getting rates way below ours.

Being a long term customer with these guys is a joke. We will be glad to switch and never come back.


I apologize, I forgot to include the email address. You can reach me at SocialMediaTeam@mediacomcc.com


Mediacom Social Media Team


With most our 2-year contracts there is generally a rate increase for the second year of the contract before it goes to full price. If you would like to send me an email with your phone number or account number with us I can review your account to see what caused the bill you received to be higher than expected.


Mediacom Social Media Team

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