So I am switching from Dish and DSL to cable... hated cable back in the day, but the deal was that good and supposedly better service.

They set me up for an install and I *** work to wait patiently for the installer.. 2 hours AFTER they were supposed to be here, he shows up to tell me that he cannot do the full install because he is not authorized to do a multi-room install and they would have to schedule another install date to set-up the whole house DVR. WTF??!? So - you show up late, tell me you can't do the install properly, still want to collect the full amount owed and...

oh wait sir, we also cannot do the install after 5pm and cannot do it on weekends. SOOOOO - I need to take ANOTHER day off just for some other guy to come here and hookup two more tvs... Yes. So...

safe to assume that you will not be PAYING me for the extra day of vacation that I will need to take just for you to hookup two tvs..

He chuckles and says no sir. Well I thank you for being polite and I understand you are in the middle - but Get the H-E-L-L out of my house.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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