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I had Mediacom for 2 yrs and after the initial problems with the internet/phone going out daily and 2 service techs summoned, a new cable line from the pole to house was installed along with new non-water filled connectors. Service was fine after that till my 2 yr contract expired.

Then my bill more then doubled, from $84 to $190 a month. So I called Mediacom and asked for a better deal or that I was thinking about switching. They dropped the bill by 30 bucks, but my neighbor across the street was only paying $120 for same service. So I canceled my service effective June 21st.

Recieved boxes from Mediacom to send back modem and dvr unit with remote, Sent back thru UPS. I have tracking info that the boxes were recieved and signed for on 7-06-2012 by C. Pearson at ChanHassen, MN. So fast forward to Sept.

I get snailmail from Credit Protection Assoc LLP in Texas, charging me $300 for unreturned equipment., So after a cpl of frantic calls to said ASSoc, I get aghold of a guy and he is like ok, well take care of that, we're just waiting fro Mediacom to send paperwork thru to clear your account. Then I call mediacom and the number they transfer me too is same company. The woman there says same thing, wait a month for the paperwork to clear. So here it is Oct 1st and what do I get in the mail?

Another notice for $300 equipment return that is now evidentally 90 days overdue.

So now my credit is going to take a strike and there seems no way to fix this because Mediacom doesn't give a sh&t and neither does this collection company. Think my next call will be to the Iowa Attorney General for extortion by Mediacom.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Service Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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UPS tracking numbers verifying equipment return


You should not have to go through this much trouble to get the equipment removed from your account. If you would like to send me an email with your phone number or account number to I would be happy to investigate this and see what is going on with getting the unreturned equipment removed from your account.


Mediacom Social Media Team

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