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I have spoken with several reps today and paid an additional payment of $12 so the account would be current as told by reps earlier and I can not order a ppv movie "Ted". This service is worthless as usual and I have had enough of this garbage service by Mediacom.

I plan to shout online to advise anyone who will listen of the *** Mediacom is pulling from the system shutting down 25 times in the last week alone to all the problem I have had since I joined in 2005. There is no excuse for my picture cutting off or pixel problems that I have had. Repairmen have come out to my home at least 20 times or more since 2005 to say it is one problem then another. Telling me the signal is too weak or too strong and another repairman will need to come out to the road and adjust.

This has been nothing but a pain in my backside and I have to wait for the repairman to come out and this ruins my day. I have an area repair supervisor's name that used to answer and not he no longer helps. I have called the area manager out of Tifton, Ga to get help but that has gotten old. The reps now don't care about customer service especially the after hours service from the Islands in the Philippines who try and trick us with American names and try to hide their accent but if one listens it comes out.

They are never able to help and they don't care about customer service. Your service is the worst I have ever had. I even tried to ask about downloading my items saved on my dvr but no one know how to handle it and state it can not be done. I hope this message can reach someone with power to help customers like me.

I know I get a special so the reps hope I leave to get rid of my complaints. I am trying to express my dissatisfaction with Mediacom so others can get help if you decide to cut me off. I would be glad to show anyone who would come out the picture on my new television when it starts messing up in my recordings since I can't see the item until I watch it later. That is worthless since the picture can't be watched sometimes and I miss that show.

Also, my internet has to be restarted a few times a week so the computer can get internet. For some unknown reason the internet stops getting enough signal thus the box has to be rebooted.

I could go on and on but your company and customer service stinks. Please get help and train the people who work for you to have more knowledge.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $11520.

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I do completely understand your frustration with the level of service you have received thus far an will be happy to look into the issue to see what is causing your problems. Can you send me a message to with your account or phone number?


Mediacom Social Media Team

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