For anyone who has Mediacom as their internet, cable, or telephone provider, knows what a lousy service this company offers. The customer service is Garbage, the connection is Garbage( lord help if it ever rains or merely clouds up), and the subcontractors they use for maintainence know about as much about cable as I do about quantum physics.

How in the world is this company still in business?

It says I have to come up with 100 words. I once used a company called MediaCom, who said their service was the bomb...boy were they wrong, signals never strong, and you might not get to watch tv for 14 days long.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Tv Service.

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Everyday we get the 5-6:30 interuption in service (some days even more). Genius at customer service told my wife it was "sun spots" and couldnt be avoided.... wish I could get cable from Wiley Coyotes ACME, would be much better


I've had MediaCOM for 8 months and all I can say is that I am counting the days until the 16 months go by. I might just eat the early cancellation fee, that's how disatisfied I am with the service.

Web access is spotty, my home phone goes dead and out of the few HD channels they have, some barely come in and here's the clincher, they refuse to pay for certain locally broadcasted NFL games!

I like to see their business model and how they expect to be profitable while losing customers. I guess I'm an *** for not researching them before signing for 2 years.


Mediacom's web site sucks. Very poorly designed.

Log in fails all the time and there's no way to set up auto pay on line. I manage all my accounts on line and have zero problems with other companies.

Tried to set up auto pay by phone and was disconnected every time.

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