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I have had experience for 4+years with Mediacom on & off due to moves, & observed friends & family experiences with this company. I have to agree with all, yhis company is by far the worst with "service" on all levels.

We are a small community with limited options so targeted by companies with monopolies as choices don't exist. Mediacom has a "local" office that happily takes ur money but offers no information or solutions, they won't offer their phone# & defer to 800# which is based on east coast (we're in Calif) who also won't answer any questions but set up appts for techs to come out regardless of issue. They completely isolate themselves from the community who supports them when problems occur, even when they cause the problem. Too many frustrating times to detail here so most recent issue noted here.

On February 7, 2017, Tues., a Tech appeared in afternoon out on the road while I was in yard. He asked if we only had Mediacom Internet service, I confirmed. He advised our system would be unavailable for about 10 minutes while he installed a "filter" on the line. I asked if it was going to improve service, he chuckled & began:"well...", I could tell, from experience, he wasn't at liberty to discuss & I said "never mind", based on prior experience.

As suggested, he asked me to advise any effected persons in household no access to internet while he installed this "filter". I did so. NOTE: It is important to mention this fact; had I not been walking by at the time, we wouldn't have known about this "installation" & subsequent failure to access our internet after he left. Mediacom never notifies customers of any alterations, changes or equipment changes to effect ur system, they send techs out at peak times banking on majority of customers are at work so when u get home & nothing works, it's too late to get help.

Anyway, when the kids attempted to access internet, it was completely shut down which effected our WiFi services to phone & TV, nothing worked. We realized the tech was long gone without our knowledge as to when he left, we began calling a variety of 800#'s listed on billung statement, internet & phonebook . Altho' local office listed, only 800#'s offered. Every phone# deferred to the east coast.

No local phone# exists. We were given an appt for Feb. 10, 2017, Friday, between 8-12:00 p.m. for a tech to come check out the problem.

REALLY?!! They come out - uninvited, unsolicitated without prior notice or explanation - screw up, completely shut down all our access to everything & we have to wait 3 days to resolve. I don't drive, their office (apparently only there to take ur money, then refer u to the 800# beyond that), is about 12-15 miles away. Major pissed off by now, my daughter drove to their office.

This was the next day, Wednesday, 02/08/2017), arriving at the Mediacom office at 11:00 a.m. to be greeted by a closed sign on door only saying "will return at 12:30". No hrs or days of operation or phone#'s listed anywhere. No other business to accomplish in this small town to waste time waiting for someone to MAYBE actually show up & wothout other options, she returned home.

I must admit, being an elder here, having many other negative encounters with Mediacom over the yrs combined with this new reality of inability on any level to get help locally breeds an overwhelming feeling of insanity & desire to act out as never before. Knowing I can't ruin my life due to another piece of *** corporate monopoly abusing the very people they enslave & who support their sorry ***, we waited until the tech arrived Friday morning approx 9:30 (shock) who removed the filter, claiming it to be the "wrong one"(?), while I bitched loudly to my daughter about their service which he clearly overheard. I asked to speak with him before he left & my daughter remained outside while I had to go into house to check on stove. Within less than 5 minutes, & before I could get back outside, the tech was gone.

If I was able to access a vehicle & drive, I would have droven around town to find the SOB & have him offer further explanation as to the "wrong filter"& what does that mean in future. We got no further explanation, no follow up but as soon as he left, the internet worked & our wireless cells activated again. So basically, all Mediacom customets are at the mercy of the worst, most inconsiderate, unteliable, inaccessible & anxiety inciting internet service I have ever experienced but make sure u pay ur bill on time cause they have no problem quickly turning off ur service. Oh, & BTW, don't expect to get any information in writing or elsewhere as to Mediacom's offers posted on line, their costs, what you signed up for, terms of trial offers or potential price increases which might be based on the elusive & non existent pkg deal you are clueless as to what u have signed up to receive.

I requested, in writing, a copy of the "deal" of committment made but they ignored my request. To date, in limbo as to the terms, regardless of no "contract", we should know what we signed (or didn't) as the original installers of service claimed,"no other paperwork". This, only the latest of ***.

Mediacom could care less as long as they get their money & control every aspect of their customer base with impunity. The American way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Technical Support.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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