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Mediacom is the only provider of "high speed internet" to my address, having somehow kept away competitors who are available within less than one mile. I signed up with them in September of 2009, getting a package which included TV, Internet, and telephone service. Almost immediately, I began having internet outages--the phone always goes out at the same time as both services run through the same router--lasting from one hour to nearly 24. When during one outage, I used a friend's cell phone to call customer service, I got a recording which said "if you have experience a sudden interruption in service, you probably have a service outage" (!).

10 days ago, my "high speed" internet access slowed to a crawl (at times, around 200 kbps--I'm supposed to be getting 16 mbps) and the phone began to misbehave as well. Earlier this week I notified Mediacom Customer Service via e-mail (after being unable to reach anyone by phone) and was told that they were "aware of service issues" but that repairs would take an estimated 16 days.

I wrote back saying that I found this unacceptable as I have been paying full price (and a rather high price) for next to no service for nearly two weeks and apparently will for another two weeks. I am disabled and sometimes urgently need telephone contact with emergency services. I explained this also.

By way of reply I received an e-mail from a "Curtis S." stating: "Repairs for utilization issues involve more than just a tap on a pole or in a pedestal. It involves hardware at the headend, trunk lines in the network and amplifiers in the next. This takes time to identify which components are bad vs which need retuned, order replacement parts where needed, and finally install replacement parts". Am I to believe that Mediacom does not employ competent technicians with appropriate testing equipment and spare parts?

As to the problems with my phone, "Curtis S." suggested that I get a cell phone. If I had a cell phone, I wouldn't need them, would I?

I am taking my complaint to corporate headquarters and encourage others to do the same. You might also wish to contact your state's Attorney General, the FCC, and the Federal Trade Commission. If this is the sort of service Mediacom expects to provide as a public utility, they should be held accountable to the same standards as any other such organization.

Mediacom certainly will not have my business any longer than absolutely necessary. With any luck, 4G and 5G networks will make cable companies obsolete within a year or so (fingers crossed!). During five years of getting DSL through Qwest, I received higher speeds at a lower cost and experienced ONE outage of less than an hour. Alas, Qwest is mysteriously unavailable to me, though their service is available to people who are literally across the road from my location.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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