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This is what I sent to Mediacom recently. I think the problem is self-explanatory:

This is just a general complaint for Mediacom.

You just switched most channels over to digital. And of course you picked channels like Spike and Nick.

Well, as a poor college student, my old-fashioned TV bought at a garage sale is NOT digital. So now I can't watch many channels that I used to be able to.

I could handle your annoying, POORLY timed commercials (your people aren't talented enough to time them so they don't cut into other commercials, and then when we return to the programming that people PAID for to be on that channel, the sound is messed up), but this is kind of ridiculous. So now what am I supposed to do? Buy an HD TV just because my *** cable service is giving all of its customers the shaft?

This just goes to show how you're NOT user-friendly or even customer oriented.

In the future, I will make sure to tell anyone asking for an opinion to NEVER get Mediacom, and I will NEVER get Mediacom in my own place.

You've not only lost MANY future customers (as I have a lot of friends), you have inspired me to support any of your biggest competitors.

Congratulations. This is the most unsatisfied I have ever been with any product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Tv Service.

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the Adapters are not free, they are free to use, so after cancelling my service last summer and returning my equipment in the provided 2 boxes( 1 for dvr & remote and 1 for cable modem). I received bill from a collection agency, saying I owed $300 for unreturned equipment, I called Mediacom immediately and was told that the equipment had just probably not had the paperwork verified yet.

A month and a half later, i receive another bill from same said collection agency for same $300 for unreturned equipment. I again called mediacom and the gal tells me, well it says we have not received it as of yet, I ask her if she would like the tracking numbers and who signed for it and she says "no", She says let me did a little deeper, since you are no longer a customer, your info is a little harder to fine, then she says"well, i see where the equipment was returned, but then they charged you another $300 , and then she tells me the $300 is for the 3 digital adapters I ordered 2 yrs ago. I say, I thought those were free, she says free to lease, they have to be returned. So now I am thinking what did I do with these, they didn't work on my TV's, and a $100 a pop for these.

And why wasn't I sent boxes for these to be returned in the 1st place. So, she says she will send me shipping boxes so I can return them. So after turning my house upside down, I do find the adapters and did receive the boxes with a little paper inside that says if not returned I will be charged $500 for each adapter.

Nice way to rob your customers. Wonder how many customers have been blackmailed and screwed by Mediacom over a $40 dollar adapter.


We do offer digital adapters for older TVs. The first 3 are free for any customers in the areas we are switching to all digital. They can be picked up at the local office or ordered from our website. These will allow you to view the same family cable channels with an analog TV. If you need anything else, please contact us at and we will be happy to help with any issues or concerns you have.



Mediacom Social Media Team


It's Mediacom's fault that you have an antique TV. SUE!!


That *** Mediacom - how dare they force you to use that TV. If I were you I'd hop in a time machine and go back a few years when your TV will work. No matter the age of your TV, with the proper conversion box you should be able to see any channel that your provider has.

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