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Update by user May 10, 2012

I have officially quit Mediacom now. Sent back their modem etc.

and am waiting for my refund.

They claim if you aren\'t completely satisfied with the service after 90 days, you can quit without a penalty and receive a full refund. Will post here again if/when the refund arrives.

Update by user Mar 14, 2012

It\'s now been well over an hour since the Mediacom dispatched said the guy would be here within 10-15 minutes. No one has showed up yet.

Original review posted by user Mar 14, 2012

I signed up for a special deal, internet only $19.95/month for 24 months. It was installed on 01/23/12 and has yet to work right. For the first three weeks I still had my DSL service and when I the cable connection would drop (every time I tried to use it), I would just plug into the DSL. But in the 4th week it worked OK for a few days so I cancelled the DSL.


As soon as I no longer had the DSL, the cable never worked. It was disconnected most of the time. I called for service and they sent someone out after a week or so (quick, huh) and it didn't get fixed, it was the same as before. I called the next day and got another appointment ten days out. No one showed up for that appointment, and I called to ask why and was told the appointment was for two days later. Would have been nice if someone had notified me....

Two days later I waited all day for the repair guy and again no one showed up, no one called to say they wouldn't be showing up. I called the office to ask what happened, and got a recording saying that too many people were trying to call and I should call some other time, and then it hung up on me. Wouldn't even take a message.

Next morning I called and they could give me no reason why no one had showed up. They scheduled another appointment - again, a week out. Today is supposed to be the day, and it's 5:30 PM and no one has called or come to the house. I called customer "service" a while ago to ask what's the deal this time. The story was the guy has been trying to call me all day and getting either busy signals or no answer. Well I haven't been on the phone more than 5 minutes all day nor have I been away from the phone. The dispatcher said he would be arriving within 10-15 minutes and that was almost an hour ago.

The billing office said I would get credit for the days it wasn't working, but they didn't give credit for before my first trouble call nor have I gotten credit for this last week of choppy off/on/off/on connection. I asked what would happen if they couldn't fix it at all, am I still bound to the 24-month contract? I was told they would not hold me to the contract if they can't make it work. I'm about ready to test that offer....

In six years I don't think I had 48 hours total downtime with the DSL. I've usually been lucky with stuff that other people complain about but this time I ought to have taken all these negative reviews at face value because Mediacom has been a non-stop PITA.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

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Ankeny, Iowa, United States #1334329

Mediacom is the worst they don't show up when they tell you this company sucks

There *** don't work half the time but you still have to pay for it

Fayetteville, Tennessee, United States #1226628

Mediacom is so bad, our cable TV pixelated and ever time the tech comes out, they have NO Clue what to do, right now trytomorrowatch the news can't bad reception, so frustrated, *** with it going with direct tomorrow

Ringwood, Illinois, United States #852073

Media *** sucks. Every morning 1/2 of my channels don't work and the internet is a fn joke.

I swear I have literally called 50+ times is the last 2 years. They are the worst!!!! I cannot believe that a company who states they are the best are this brutal with there service and there overseas customer service.

I would rather get my 1967 black and white tv with the rabbit ears and oh maybe some tinfoil ( which would make me happier than this bs!) The ONLY reason I have to use this crappy company is because no one in my area services here. Media *** you suck and 1 more thing you really suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yours truly

Fuzz watcher in McHenry IL

to Anonymous Ringwood, Illinois, United States #852076

Its me the fuzz watcher again just one more thing the only way I was able to post this was to turn my hot spot on my phone yeah the internet sucks as well. If I could reach my arm through the phone and grab that *** on the other line well..... you get it


Many elderly and disabled people rely on Internet to watch shows that are therapeutic for them. To say they are "media hogs" is INSULTING and shows a total disregard for the realities of some people who do need more bandwith due to special needs issues. SHAME ON MEDIA COM.

Hampshire, Illinois, United States #728801

Mediacom is by far the worst cable company in the marketplace. I had always thought that Crapcast "Comcast/Xfinity" was bad but Mediacom is the leader.

I have had to deal with *** poor service for over a year since living in Hampshire,IL since there is no other tv provider except a dish. Mediacom goes out at least once a week sometimes twice for hours on end. For the rays they charge and *** service you should get every channel there is possible. Thank god I'm moving in two weeks so I can get my AT&T U-Verse back.

It never went out.

Mediacom I hope you read these opinions on your service and make some major changes. If you have a choice on your selection for a provider for service never choose Mediacom because they really suck ***.


and lol at what they put as my location! i don't live in North Carolina nor am i anywhere near it!


You are spot on! mediacom is ***! and they charge up the *** for their sub par services

. The past few weeks they have been going down literally EVERYDAY! and like EVERY freaking 15 minutes! I don;t know if its just their *** service or their *** modem!

I'm getting ready to call them soon and im sure they will be less than helpful. The problem goes away for a bit, then low and behold same old ***.

It sucks that they are a monopoly in my town and hence they treat people like this!

*** you mediacom!


I started the same 19.95/24 as you did. However I only need Internet, so I can't comment on tv or phone. I live in Springfield, mo and I'm on the southern part of town. The Internet here is as unpredictable as the weather. It goes down every morning and every night. And stays off on most weekends as it did sat and Sunday. When it's on during the weekends it's on for bout an hour. Then droops for several. Yesterday it was down all day.

I called in for a new modem and got one over a month ago when this started happening. It was fine for about 2 days. Then back with the black-outs. I called about 3 weeks ago and asked them to not change me for all the time I didn't hae Internet. They said it would be on the next billing cycle. A week off the bill. 6$.

It never came off the bill. So I called again just 2 days ago to ask why they lied. And why they said I only have been with them for 6 months of my contract when fact I have been with them for 1 yr and 6 mo....? The lady in some other country said she was very sorry and would take 2 weeks off the bill after she looked at my "up-time".

I highly doubt anything will come off my bill. Mafiacom is a good name for them. If you live in Springfield mo, just get AT&T. At least it will be constant. Probably not as fast.


What's up with all these Emergency service messages they do now? It says it's a weekly test, yet I see it three to four times a day.

Also it ends up freezing on that screen and wont go away until you change the channel.

If it's not one thing it's something else with this company. Direct TV is looking better each day.


I have officially quit Mediacom now. Sent back their modem etc.

and am waiting for my refund.

They claim if you aren't completely satisfied with the service after 90 days, you can quit without a penalty and receive a full refund. Will post here again if/when the refund arrives.


I dont fault Mediacom for slow service - they are in fact flighting a losing battle with demanding incompetent idiotic consumers who demand everything (yesterday!). What I do fault them and politicians for is their lying, playing with our billing and accounts, overcharging our bills for things we never ordered then claiming its non-optional!, their complete inavailability for tech issues which crop up constantly due to all their socalled maintenance interuptions, their high prices for everything, and the list goes on!

Here at Iowa City we call them Mafiacom!

And they have all the politicians in their pockets who mandated Mediacom as the sole provider for the whole damned State! Thats WRONG!


Installed the multi plan and now getting charge more than the plan i signed up for. Called many time to get it fixed and since the contract was made 3 months ago, they will not use theat flyer but the current one only. I WISH this company would go Bankrupt


UPDATE 4/13/12: After another month of consistently poor service - it would go out at random times for varying periods - I've been able to stay online for the last few days without being disconnected, however, the speeds are quite erratic, rarely is it what I would call fast and in fact a lot of the time it's about 1/40th of the advertised speed, or simply stalled completely although still "connected". I am strongly considering a return to the far more reliable DSL.


You do get better service - at least for a while - when you post here. I had a tech come out within two days of making the OP.

Since then, I've been staying connected more, but it still cuts out from time to time, and the upload speed is erratic, which makes VOIP not work well. I reported the issues just now and got another repair app't - this time it's ELEVEN DAYS OUT.



I know that we can offer you a better experience than what you were put through. This situation should have been escalated after the first missed appointment. Please email your account information and a copy of your post to SocialMediaTeam@mediacomcc.com and we will do everything in our power to make things right.


How come all the extra characters in my post? I didn't type those. Don't see an option to edit them out, either.

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