We've only had services for a few months and have received overage charges since day one with no one at mediacom able to explain why, nor drop the usage cap. Our bill for one month, after trying to talk to mediacom, is still $171.

We have two smart tvs, long story short from day one there was probably someone else and 5 of their friends all using our wireless access and magically knew our password... I think mediacom is sheisty and should have helped me figure out why our overages were so extreme, but no, the responsibility is placed completely on my shoulders.

It's like selling a car to a 6 year old kid, telling him where the gas pedal is and leaving the break pedal in the shop... He should have gotten his own break pedal, installed it himself before driving...

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Bundle.

Monetary Loss: $171.

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Middletown, New York, United States #674266

Mediacom Support will not help you ignore them!


I apologize for any frustration this has caused. We are more than happy to assist you secure your wireless service and review your bill. Please email us at socialmediateam@mediacomcc.com, and we will look further into this.


Mediacom Social Media Team

to MediacomSupport #674635

what a joke you guys are

Valdosta, Georgia, United States #672483

You should have controlled access to your wifi. It IS your responsibility to secure your gear

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