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This started years ago and my Grandmother(rip) wanted to get rid of Dish Network and try Fairpoint. Well a mediacom salesman had spoken to her over the phone about all these wonderful packages (internet,digital,HD.. the works) for the next 2 years of her life for under $100 a month if she signed up. At this point in time I was living out of town, so I was not around to make sure she was being treated as she should - but when I did.. I almost lost it.

I came in and Mediacom was charging her over $140 a month, and there was NOT ONE digital box in the house! The had her wired to basic cable out of the wall and told her the digital transmitter came from the pole!! Yes, I mean the street pole! So after finding out about this I contacted mediacom infuriated about the situation and informed them if they did not have my grandmothers house rigged properly within 48 hours the next phone call would be coming from an attorney. Well needless to say it got fixed because the last thing this joke of a company needs is another major legal issue.

Well here we are, 2-3 years down the road. I come back into state and move in to help with my father who is now up in his years himself. I come in to find out HE TOO has registered with mediacom. I already first notice that his bills are running around 120-140 a month for Internet and the Basic Digital Package. This I am guessing is average for around here - but he was told he would only be paying $90 for it. So I'm already remembering the issues we had with Mediacom before, but I decided to let it fly.. that was until about a week later.

I go over to a friend of mines house, in his mid thirties. He has mediacom and we go into discussion about his packages etc. He is getting 3 times more than my father, for less!!! Curious as to why I contact mediacom and they notify me that for my father to have received that kind of service he would have needed to sign up during the time the special offer was given. So I remind the company of the "special offer" they had given my grandmother etc and upon realizing they were dealing with the same consumer they put me to three different help technicians (a transfer call technique used to rid a company of unwanted consumer calls - this is a very popular technique). Frustrated I hung up and went my own way.

After about 2-3 days had passed I noticed while watching TV our reception was pixelized(if thats the proper word..), and so distorted it was impossible to watch TV. From that point in time to todays date we have called Mediacom to fix the problem over 12 times and they have sent 4 different technicians out here multiple times to fix it and no one seems to either care, or does their job. We have literally "begged" this company to please come fix their work or remove their equipment so we can go to another company - and they will not do either.

On top of the pixelized service, they are also constantly giving us referb equipment(stuff that was busted, and they tweaked it). I have begged them to put a new box, and new remote in my fathers house and in a 2 year span I have yet to see it done. In fact, as I'm typing this I just one of their remotes out the door to the dog as a fetch toy because it has not worked since they gave us it.

A note on the technicians. If you request tech service to come to your house ladies and gents, dont expect them to show up. They will lie to you and say they called when they did not, and I can promise you that if that service tech can avoid taking his lazy *** out of his van he WILL NOT. These guys at mediacom are so disorganized, and undependable I am beginning to wonder if they are a legit cable company anymore - or a dieing former cable company that is trying to scam as much money as possible before their sorry *** get shut down.

Consumers around the US - I highly warn against the use of mediacom. They have abused my dieing grandmother(rip), my elderly father, and despite all the *** this company has put us through, despite that even TO THIS DAY our CABLE DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY!!! The equipment we are given is hand me down stuff, despite us paying the same if not more than the rest of the nation. I am going on the record and saying that the only thing consistent about mediacom is they never forget to send you an outrageous bill for *** to zero service.

I will be taking this case to an attorney within the next 48 hours and I urge anyone that has gone through the same if not worse to please step up and call an attorney as well. It is the only way to make companies like Mediacom do their *** job, or get out of the way so a legit company can.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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That is certainly not the level of service we expect to provide to our customers. I would be more than happy to look into this issue and work to get these problems fixed for you. Please email me at socialmediateam@mediacomcc.com and I will do what I can to make things right.


Mediacom Social Media Team

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