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This is just a small piece of how bad this company sucks. I paid for 1 1/2 years to receive 20Mb service and CONSISTENTLY received 2Mb speed.

Countless service calls with workers (if you can really call what they do "working") who would "get right on that"...The best part of moving from the city I lived in was CANCELING MY MEDIACOM SERVICE!!!

Oh! One last thing...I turned my box & remote in and paid in full...yet these jackasses sent me a bill for $18 that they then sent to a bill collection agency...despite numerous calls & mailings of the PAID IN FULL receipt.

This company will ultimately fail & I can't wait to see it happen!

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Yea, I've always had problems with Mediacom. The internet would constantly flake out.

I found out that they have broadband internet connected in units in neighborhoods on 20mbps. The people on the end of the loop would have slower speeds, so of course, mine was on the end. I'd lose my internet for hours on end, call them up, and "there are no known outages in your area." or "our computer indicates you are getting 20mbps." Umm.... yea it was ridiculous.

That and I would be directed to some person in India to fix my internet problems. Cable was okay, but they took out tv guide. Wrong move. So I switched to Direct TV and Qwest internet.

It will be about the same price as both with media com, but I get reliable internet, more channels, and DVR.

Yea, and there customer service is A LOT BETTER than media com. It's a win win.


I apologize for the ongoing problems you had with our company. I can check on the outstanding balance for you and explain any additional charges. If you would like any further assistance in this matter please contact us at



Social Media Relations Team

Mediacom Communications

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