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Let me start this off by saying in general I am a pretty calm person, however whenever I get on the phone with a mediacom rep I end up ending the call irate, my blood pressure through the roof, and a headache.

Tonight was the last straw...I always knew Mediacom had crappy service, really bad customer service reps, and an automatic phone system that could drive anyone to drink however lately it has pushed me over the edge. It started a few weeks ago when our phone service in our house wouldn't work. If someone tried to call us it would restart our modem, and to the person calling it would just ring and ring however would never ring on our end the only reason we would know we were getting a call was because our modem would restart. So if we tried to pick up the phone all we heard was a dead air.

Not only was this an inconvenience because we couldn't receive calls but if you were on the internet it would just go out on you at random times because the modem would restart. So dreading the call to mediacom I finally called them up. After over an hour on the phone explaining over and over again to the person what was going on because the person just wasn't getting it we determined that it was the modem. Great so when can we get a new modem. We were told they couldn't get a tech out to our place until at least Tuesday. It was already Thursday when I this call to them and we had been without a phone for a day now so they were telling me we had to go an additional five days without a phone. (Not going to happen). So I asked the if I could just pick up the box myself and install it. Nope our tech has to come out and install it, so round and round we went arguing with these people demanding to speak to manager beyond manager, getting promise after promise to get called back we did end up having to wait five days to get our phone working again.

So lead up to now Dec 14th where they are switching everything over to digital granted we were aware that it would happen but when it was happen apparently mediacom didn't feel it necessary to inform their customers of that fact it just happened. So I go on their website to find a new channel guide to find out which channels are the correct channels now and sure enough not there. So once again I call them up and they are no help whatsoever they tell me they can mail me one and I will get it in approx 10 business days. Well by that time I will have already figured out the channels myself by just randomly flipping which I was trying to avoid. So I asked her if she could email it to me and she cops an attitude and says they don't have email and proceeds to tell me that mediacom doesn't have email in the whole company so tell me another lie. I get frustrated with her and end the call.

So going through and writing out my bills later in the evening I notice that over the past couple months my bill has been going up over 20 every single month. So once again I call them up and the rep once again was completely useless has no idea and starts telling me that all these promotions have ended that I don't even have on my accounts. I kept setting her straight on this fact and she still couldn't give me an answer. I asked her point blank is this because of the digital switch over because if it was I never asked for the switch and if I'm going to get charged for it then they can just switch ours back. She assured me it wasn't but couldn't tell me what it was for. After repeatedly putting me on hold and still couldn't figure it out I finally ended the call.

We have been mediacom customers for well over 15 years. But after all this I am going to drop the three services I have and start looking for another provider. One that doesn't give me this many headaches and has people working for them that are actually competent. BTW I tried calling Comcast to see if we could switch to them and they said they couldn't come out to our area because Mediacom wouldn't allow them to buy into the area. So mediacom offers really bad service but wont allow a company with better service to come into the area so we are stuck with them unless we want to sign a two year contract with DISH. Nice work Mediacom didn't think you could get much lower..I was wrong.

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I bought a place a year ago and for the entire year have been trying to get my own internet. Apparently the person who lived here previously was still paying for services and therefore it was just IMPOSSIBLE for me to get services myself. A year later (literally), I finally get a representative that tells me I can fax paperwork proving I own the place and they'll take this dudes name off.


So I fax it with a cover letter stating I would like for them to call me at their earliest convenience upon receiving the fax so that I can finally turn on service. Two days later - no call. I call them and the guy claims there was never a fax. Mind you, I do not have a fax machine. I have to pay each time I fax something and this fax most definitely went through.

He puts me on hold, as they love to do.

A good five or so minutes later he is back stating that whoever got it put it in some drawer and he will get my service on as soon as possible.

At this, I am totally stoked. He tells me the price, I opt to go ahead and pay over the phone. He lets me know they will not be able to get to me for a week. Well, I waited a year, so that was fine.

A week later, when they finally come, I'm at the gym and my boyfriend is at the house waiting for the guy to get there. Well, the guy ends up charging him AGAIN, after I already paid. He also was not "able" to fix a cable outlet in my home.

Now, every time I get on the internet is asks me to "activate my account". I've now "activated" it at least ten times.

If I was unstable at all, I would have jumped over the balcony by now. I am so sick of dealing with these people. Sadly, it's the only service offered here so I'm stuck with them. However, if you have a choice... RUN! They suck, for lack of better words. Royally. :x


I'm so fed up with Mediacom. I tell all my friends about the HORRIBLE customer service that I have experienced with your awful company.

I advise that they would probably be better served by going with satellite or DSL.

I wanted to discontinue a service and will be charged a fee for that! This is not a contract fee.

Is Mediacom that desperate that they charge a fee to discontinue a non contract service?! I'm cancelling all services and will never ever be sucked into your HORRIBLE service again.


I've worked at Mediacom, the company is a complete mess, in every aspect. As for customer service?

I was a technical service rep and let me tell you, about 3/4 of the calls I received daily were complaints.

Every cable company has it's share of service interruptions, however, if it's customer service your after.. steer clear of this company.


Not one person at mediacom will help me or cares that I have no phone or internet service and that it's been an ongoing problems for months. I have waited on them numerous times that have cost me time and money at work.

They don't care about their rural customers. Their service sucks. They could fix my service if they wanted to, but they don't. I'm switching as soon as I can.

Their customer service reps suck also...along with the supervisors. No one will help.


I have had Mediacom since they came to our town (several years ago). I work in the I.T. field so my company pays for the internet side of my cable access. When I initially picked up Mediacom, I asked if our bill could be split so I could take a separate one to work for payment. The rep said sure, we just need to effectively create a separate address in the system for it. So they took my same address and added 1/2 to it. We setup autopayment at work for this and it has worked fine for several years until about 12 months ago. They started piling on an additional $15.00 to my internet bill. I called several times in the last several months and could never get a straight answer for the extra charge. I called again this week and the rep I was speaking to said it was for the physical cable coming into my house. I explained that I already pay that fee on my cable TV bill through them so why is it on my internet bill too? After a long discourse trying to explain what Mediacom setup years ago, she keeps saying it is because I have two addresses and, thereby, two houses. This in her mind equated to TWO physical cables. I tried for over 30 minutes to explain what had been setup and why. I was VERY clear that it is one house and we just had the bill split for payment purposes. I got nowhere with her so I asked to speak to a supervisor. After about 25 minutes with her, I realized I was dealing with ***'s. They simply couldn't grasp the idea. I finally caved and said what can we do to remove this $15.00 charge. She said they would need to disconnect service on the 1/2 address and move it to the original address. I explain, AGAIN, that there was only ONE physical address. Nope.. she wasn't going to absorb that fact no matter how long I tried. I could go on on because it didn't end there but I think you get the point.

Now, because they are mentally unable to comprehend what I was relaying, I am going to get one bill with everything on it, I have to cease the autopayment we had setup at work, and will now have to bring the bill in to our office to get the internet portion paid.

My 13 year old son, who listened to the whole conversation, completely understood what I was telling them but the adult supervisor could not. There is no excuse for this level of stupidity. I am now looking into other options now for internet as I have had it with Mediacom. The staff is either completely inexperienced and inefficient or simply doesn't care. Either way, the result is the same... an unhappy customer.


I am truly sorry for the problems you have experienced with our phone representatives. I would be happy to look into your billing questions and can assist you with any concerns or problems you have had with our recent digital conversion. Please email me at at your earliest convenience. I can also send you your current area lineup once I have received your information.



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