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This is, by far, without a doubt the WORST company on the face of the planet. My husband and I moved here from Boston a year ago, where we had Comcast.

We were always happy with our service, it was affordable, and we never had to deal with terrible customer service. When we moved out here, we hoped to sign up with Comcast, but found out that it wasn't available in our area. So we signed up with Mediacom. BIG mistake.

From day 1 we had issues. Channels would randomly go out for no reason. Other channels would suddenly be in Spanish. A huge box would appear on our screen saying that our DVR was full, even if it was completely empty, and the box wouldn't go away until we called customer service and had them reboot the cable box.

Our internet will go down for no reason at all, which poses a BIG problem since I still telecommute for my old job in Boston and rely on our internet service. Every time we have these issues, we are on the phone with customer service for what seems like eons, and most of the time they are rude and don't fix the problem. (And sometimes even hang up on us!!!) They often send out techs who don't do anything (and in one instance the tech tracked mud ALL over the floor), and then we're right back where we started. During the summer, we found a cable hanging 3 feet above our yard.

We called Mediacom to see if it was theirs. They said that it wasn't, but that they could send a tech to double check in 2 days. We told them to shove it. We later found out that it was an AT&T cable, and they were out in minutes to fix it.

2 days later a Mediacom tech shows up on our doorstep. We told him that the problem wasn't theirs and had been fixed days before. We get our next statement and they had decided to charge us $25 for that "service call".

So, to sum up, avoid this company at all costs.

They will suck the soul right out of you.

P.S. As we speak, our cable is out. They claim that it's an "area outage", but our neighbor in our duplex who also has Mediacom is having no issues whatsoever.

They offered to send out a tech for a WEEK.

Freaking jerks. Worst customer service EVER.

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Cicero, Illinois, United States #687171

Mediacom needs to be shut down. Worst company ever...You will never speak to the same person, and none of the employees communicate with one another.

I'm too angry and too sick of explaining my experience to write it down once again. my advice to everyone is stay away from this horribly run business.

They don't care about you and will charge you an arm and a leg for services you don't even receive.


Hello pazam42,

I apologize for the level of service in which you have experienced. This is not what we expect our customers to experience and we will do everything to get you the service in which you are paying for. Can you send me an email with your account or phone number to


Mediacom Social Media Team

to MediacomSupport Middletown, New York, United States #703729

Sorry Tim, too little too late. Our contract is finally up at the end of this month and we are switching companies immediately.

to MediacomSupport Middletown, New York, United States #703731

Oh, and by the way - as I'm typing this, our cable is out. AGAIN. Can't wait to switch!!!!

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