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This is the fifth day in a row of constant disconnecting. Every 10 minutes or so, I lose connection.

Now, normally I think it'd be an isolated incident. It's not. My friend recently switched to Mediacom and is experiencing the same issue. I've changed our IP more than once to no avail.

Both of us are switching ISPs as soon as possible.

I feel completely scammed after having paid for this "service" for so long. It's a wonder I'm able to type up this paragraph with the quality of internet Mediacom delivers.

I highly recommend avoiding Mediacom.

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Navarre, Florida, United States #684517

The fact that I had to reload this page 8 times before it would actually appear, shows how terrible Mediacom is. We got it because it was cheaper than AT&T, and we are supposedly getting the higher package with the 900 GB bandwidth, and faster speed.

There is NO reason why I should have to reload a page 8 times. I can hardly even check my email without it making me reload it multiple times, and this going offline in the wee hours or the morning is ridiculous. Not everyone has a first shift job.

Some of us actually use the internet after midnight. I will be going back to AT&T asap!


Medi-ocre Comm is why most states still have a waiting period to purchase hand guns. Since we can't end the pain even by shooting ourselves the only choice is to go with another ISP or DISH.

Another technique is get a 3 lb. hammer and when you get disconnected - slam yourself in the forehead to take your mind off Medi-ocre Comm for awhile.


Just misread, turns out he did provide an email. Regardless, the employees are all mentally deficient baboons undeserving of any patronage whatsoever.


It's amazing how *** *** the representatives here are. Not only do they try to tell you they'll fix it (they won't, they don't know how) they tell you they'll try to fix it AFTER you say you're already switching to a better ISP.

They'll also tell you to email them without providing an email. It's really discomforting to know that people this dumb have your internet in their hands.


I'm having constant DC issues like you for the past 5 days as well. I play online games and it's annoying as *** to have to reconnect every 5 minutes just to be disconnected again and again and again. Mediacom needs to get their *** together.


I would be more than happy to investigate the problem you are experiencing if you would please email me at with your phone# or account#.



Social Media Relations Team

Mediacom Communications


Also, I just thought I'd note that in the hour I've been on the internet today, I've disconnected four times. Had to wait to reconnect before typing this. Sixth day in a row.

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