I went on Mediocre Comm's website and filed a complaint via their email "contact us"...since their CS are, hmmm..ineffective (liars). I rec'd their auto-response saying "I'd be contacted within 24 hours". Yeh...that was 4 days ago and counting. Seriously....a communications company?? Really??

When will they offer the $9.95/mth cable option "cable, sometimes it surprised!!".

My complaint?? Cable was out, called CS twice...was told "outage in our area, techs are working on it". Funny, I live in an apartment building in downtown locale....neighbors got cable, bar next door got cable...both Mediacom!! The outage?? must be my little apartment...but no techs working on it that I can see. Canceling cable...."hello, Netflix". At least if you're gonna lie to me, kiss me.

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:( Newton,Iowa Mediacom sucks! We have been with Mediacom for almost five years and the repair services gets worse and worse.

Our phone services drops call since May and when the calls are dropped then we cant get to our voice messages. Had a death in family and they left a message which we never got. Repair has been here four times, once the teck said here is nothing wrong with modeum cant fix if nothing is wrong and left. Next time the repair tech and his trainee pulled on cables in basement and left the hanging.

They also left the connection unpluged and hanging what kind of shabby work is this! The last time they disconnected one line to the computer now the computer line goes off when the phone drops calls. I work from my home, how am I suppose to carry on a business on the computer when its doesnt work, am in the middle of doing work and I lose the internet.

Cant get anyone to fix this problem, how do they train their service tech's!!!!! I want this problem fixed and not have to wait three weeks for them to arrive!!!!!!!


Here's the thing, I can accept an occassional outage. What is unacceptable is being told "there is an outage in my area" when there isn't.

In my complaint, I specifically, and clearly told them we'd had the service less than 30 days, we're in an apt waiting to close on our house and then planned to transfer the service - I do not expect to be held to the 2-year contract after the poor service that has been delivered. Ironically, I've previously used Mediacom in the Des Moines market and Iowa Falls market years ago (before moving out of state) and the service then was bad. Really, in 5 years no improvement in service?? come on!!

I had Time-Warner in Milwaukee the last 4 years - with only about 2 times service was out, and then a call to customer service was a joy - they were accurate, polite and delivered on what they said. They also gave a *** good estimate of when service would be restored. You guys have got to figure this out...We will likely go with DISH based on the last 30 days. What can you fix??

Good luck...first stop CS from lying to customers, never a good idea.

And I've worked in management for (600 person call-center). Please dont email me an auto-reply - that's just rude.


It is very unfortunate that you have had to go through this and are still dealing with an unresolved problem. I would be more than happy to assist in getting this cleared up for you. Please email me at with your phone number or account number and I will do anything I can to make this right with you.



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