I have had mediacom internet and phone which was $115.00 monthly. So they talked me into switching from DISH to cable and my total bill would be about $170.00 monthly, I am past the promtion rates.

So I sign on, get a bill for $303.68. The cable rate was $25.00 more than indicated when joining, and they also added MAX for 59.95 which I never agrred to or ordered. So I called to talk about my bill and the rep said they would have to transfer to some department, which the transfer didn't go through they hung up. So I call back, same song and dance, we have to transfer but they are to busy right now, given my bill I can see why.

So the rep. takes my number and says someone would call today, which of course no call.I am off to talk to Centurylink tomorrow. I'll resolve the billing issue and poor customer service by cancelling.

Look I don't mind paying for a service, but these tactics in their billing is just plain wrong. I am not one to complain or write reviews, but this will happen to you if you do not getting in writing and watch your bill closely.

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Hello, this level of service is exactly what you can expect from Mediacom. We apologize for for Tim's misinformation. The fact is, we have a monopoly on cable services in many areas, and therefor we don't have to provide quality customer service. In fact, we have perfected the art of creating billing mistakes, and then avoiding accountability.

Thank you for your generous donation. Now go fly a kite.

MediacommReginald SocialMediateam rtbank@mediacommcc.com


"Your call is important, please hold while we ignore it."



This level of service is not what we expect any of our customers to endure. I will be happy to look into the billing issues you are currently having. Can you send us an email with your account or phone number to SocialMediaTeam@mediacomcc.com?


Mediacom Social Media Team

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