"In a survey conducted by Consumer Reports magazine in 2012, Mediacom is the worst cable provider in the country according to the 50,000 people polled.[5]

The February 2010 issue of Consumer Reports ranked Mediacom amongst the worst cable companies in the United States: 15th of 16 in TV service, 24th of 27 in Internet service, and last of 23 in phone service, based on surveys.[3][6] The deepening of this trend was affirmed in the June 2012 issue of Consumer Reports, in which Mediacom was identified as the worst-rated company in the United States regarding TV service, phone service and bundled telecom services, and third worst-rated in regards to satellite Internet service. [7]

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mediacom for references.

The problem is that, in most places, there is not a competitor that reaches enough of Mediacom's customers and therefore Mediacom can charge as much as they want to provide the least amount of service, only what is required of them.

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